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Back head just gone, yet seventy fifth and hamster damn right behind the beacon theater. And you know with Ron do gay leaving back to Florida where he now resides any talked about why so many Canadians have had its out a lot of them for weather reasons. I'm looking at this packed crowd here. So many from New Jersey Staten Island, Bronx, the Bronx, Long Island, Pennsylvania Tri state listening area, Connecticut, and I know, and I don't have to be a Swami or a suit saying that a lot of folks here because at a high taxes the quality of life that's diminished in on northeast region will be packing their bags and heading south in the Mason, Dixon line of may not all be Florida could be North Carolina, South Carolina. I know you my in laws are moving down there, the sister-in-law and her husband the kids, and my mother-in-law and her hus-. And now, my aunt and lawn. Her husband, but I missed you know, it's hard the taxes out on Long Island route -rageous. I mean when I was in New Jersey, the taxes were outrageous. It's hard. It's it's it's not easy to live, especially for people living in New York City. I mean, you can't live in Manhattan unless you are making a boat load of money. And it's just it's unfortunate. But you know, this is the way it is essential. Because we have these real Stu not elected officials half in the bag. Governor Murphy, New Jersey who didn't know something that he didn't wanna tax you from the cradle to the grave. So he's followed. Fake,.

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