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I'm a pretty hawkish guy at the court doesn't take corrective action and do something about being manipulated and lied to. You will lose my support. I know a lot about what's going on out there to hurt us. And they're real real threats and the real agents and the really bad actors out there. I'd hate to lose the ability of the FIS accord to operate at a time. Tom Probably when we need it the most. But after your report I have serious concerns about whether the FIS accord can't continue unless there's fundamental the mental reform after report. I think we need to rewrite the rules of how you start a counterintelligence investigation and the checks and balances that we we need. Missed Horowitz and for us to do justice to report. We have to do more than try to shade this report one way or the other. We have to address the underlying problem of a system. In the hands of a few bad people can do a lot of damage. Well I mean. It's on page fourteen of the report and you know it's categorized. I think chicken shively as seventeen missteps. APPs irregularities no were lying to get a warrant to spy on Carter Page doesn't matter an American citizen it could have been me and you have no recourse. That's what brought up on the investigation but our our is Kevin Kline Smith C. L. I N. E. S. M. I. T. H.. Yeah Hey thanks trolls. Yeah good work. I here's an example of a back and forth with him in one of his partners on I am okay. Fbi I attorney to. I'm just devastated. This by the way of soldiers mentioned this is client Smith. Kline Smith says I'm just devastated. I can't wait until so I can leave today this right. After trump got elected. I'm devastated. I can't wait until I leave him. Stop Stop Stop Stop. Could you put a little little acting into it. I'm just devastated. I can't wait. I can't wait talking. Leaves today and just shut off the world for the next four days. FBI employees responds. Why are you devastated if another FBI employees responds bonds? Yes I'm not watching. TV for four years clients. Says I just can't imagine a systematic disassembly of the progress we have made. Oh Yeah we we just got out of college he just graduated. What are they teaching people at Michigan? State well we made. I can't imagine a disassembly. The project may we made over the last eight years. ACA is gone on who knows if the rhetoric about deporting people walls and cry and and other crap is true. I honestly feel that. There's going to be a lot more than gun issues to the crazies. One finally this is the tea party on steroids and the GOP is going to be lost. They you have to deal with an incumbent in for years we have to fight this again and also pence's stupid now is that you're that you're editorializing or is that in the message that's in the messages. Okay well guess all true true but again these guys. These guys have been brainwashed by their colleges. I mean if this guy was older and did this I would. You know I'd take a little less. Listen to him a little. But I'm I'm blaming the schools he went to. He was brainwashed. Coming out of Michigan State of all places which has issues I mean Dick Michigan against state was the stronghold where that guy was. The the creepy doctor was that examined. All the gymnasts. He was not a Michigan State. School is somehow corrupt. And I'm very just like deceit. This from this guy this this Klein Smith character and then to see the article in heavy about him with all the pictures of him wearing Michigan state gear and goofing around with this kind of six o'clock hipster shadow It's very disturbing that. These kids are out there and they and they got into positions of power. They could do what I'm going to talk about ended ended or I'm not GonNa talk about Bill Lindsay Graham GonNa talk about it in following clips and this is an. I thought this is the worst. This one of the worst things I've ever heard personally personally. So lucky what we got here. Okay let's start with report. Graham Carter page one. There's a guy named Klein Smith who eventually alters an email from the CIA I do the Bartman justice. FBI and Mr Horowitz's in eighteen found this out and how they did it. I'll never know I'm jumping ahead here but when you read this report what they find is a lawyer. Supervising the FISO process at the FBI. Bi according to Mr Horowitz doctored an email from the CIA the FBI and he's GonNa be referred for criminal prosecution. Why is that important cargo? Pay Did he just do Lindsay Lindsay. Dropped T oh by the way the what he always I think is a lot of southerners. dropped the T- well. Let's continue with the did the FBI and he's GonNa be referred for Criminal Prosecution acution. Why is that important Carter page? He's been on the receiving end of all this. The foundation to believe he was a foreign agent comes from dossier that we'll we'll talk about it in a minute and that dossier provided about Christopher Steele and we'll talk about him in a minute. They claim that Carter page meets with three people known to be Russians Russian agents people associated with Russia Carter page while being wiretapped by his government. Says I don't know two of these people and to this day. There's no proof that he ever met two of those three the third person he says. Yeah I met him. I told her about my meeting because I was a source for the CIA. Here's what gets me. You and I have been talking about this for as long as it's been going on we've gone over all of this. We knew all this. It was in the original report. It's taken a year since it wasn't even in the mall report. I mean it's this is so in fact even Andrea Mitchell thought it was egregious and she's it. NBC On during clear mistakes made by the FBI League's first approval and subsequent re approvals submissions for authorisation by the Pfizer Court. That special security judge who approves surveillance and and a particular point was something that is pretty egregious which is the altering of a document to not inform the court and do not inform others that Carter Carter page who was a former associate trump campaign. Associate of the president's was actually also at times a confidential source of the the second her term it term usage is unbelievable he says to not inform which should have said was misleading. Yes S. and she said it was a mistake and it wasn't a mistake done on purpose. Of course. So who are these people covering up for why they covering up for this client Smith Bozo John. I think it's so much bigger than we realize which definitely pretty big ended people like which she says which would sheet the word she used. Were very carefully a decides mislead and anyway back to my flip yes. I'm sorry in. That clip was over your clip. There we go okay the show but now I know it happened was was clients. CIA Guy He bitched Monet says I'm a CIS worked for the CIA with rushing guy. But I told you about it and so they would work with them no no it's actually asked him to go oh he he. A guy had a lecture at a conference and they exchange cards and that was the extent of it but the point was is that he kept saying this and then so the FBI got wind of it an eventually they said well she's a CIA excuses. Like not going to help us here. And they told Clients Smith at which I think maybe maybe in the second clip he explains this classmates told a check it out because each sorry. What started the clip play? Play play the clip because I was a source for the CIA. So they would. Have you believe the Carter Page is working against our government not with our government right so Carter Page in the summer of twenty seventeen is trying to tell anybody and everybody I was working with A. Ci I are reported my contact with this person and nobody believed him. The see I had told the FBI. It was true earlier but it never made into the system somebody got so rattled at the FBI. The ask Mr Client Smith to check it out. He checks it out. He communicates with the CIA. Is Carter page a source for you and email exchange. They say yes he is. What does Mr Client Smith do? He alters to email to say no he's not and you caught him. I don't know how you caught him. Because you gotta dig into this email chain it would be like getting a lab report from the FBI. The fingerprints don't match and the agent says they do. That's how bad this is. Nice Analogy Lindy. Good one but this is you know. I think that a lot of younger people and I'm just going to play old guy because I might as well give into it. Don't really realize what all all of this means and it's not. It's not being reported on to inform you really what's happening but again. This was as huge exception to the constitution than to allow this to take place for surveillance with appropriate warrants and and just as he said to have the FBI. Change.

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