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Agree on this. I mean, the prosecutor said to him. If you cooperate in the civil case, we won't bring criminal charges against you. He cooperated and they turned the tables on them. They did brought the criminal charges against him. And that is just not fair, but he's still also, I'm ball anyway. You slice it, but legally, uh, they probably made the right call. Absolutely. Also in the big three. Oh, boy. Here comes the witch hunt folks. Yes, Cy Vance, that fearless crusader for truth and justice. He's the one who let Harvey Weinstein go away with the rape charges back in the day. But he's on top of the Trump Thing. The Trump organization springing indictments against the Trump Organization. Get this because the CEO at the Trump Organization who he had a He had a free car and they paid the tuition for his kids. And he had a low interest apartment. All the things most people who are in the corporate world when they rise up to that level, get as part of their as part of their compensation package. But Nope, because it's trump. We gotta go after Trump the left and Len Burman won't rest until they see Donald Trump in jail. Running out the Big three. You didn't listen to what I said. Once again. You've mischaracterized what I've said. I've always said I don't like to see former presidents in jail. We were just discussing the last segment. We you weren't what station were you listening to? Michael? Well, I mean, I think you agree with me that Biden should issue a blanket pardon right now for Trump. I didn't say that either. Who come back to us, Mikey? Yeah, and writing out the Big three. Well, they're counting those ballots for the mayor's race. And do we have a sense? Gnome when this thing is going to be decided, Is it ever going to be decided? It feels like it's gone forever. But if we should know in the next week or so, until accounts all these absentee ballots who is the winner is so but I guess I was gonna say these candidates have substantial room to make up to beat Eric Adams. But it could be done because there's about 125,000 absentee ballots to be counted. Well, he still leads. But Katherine Garcia is nipping at his heels and Maya Wiley. She's coming behind. God. Yeah, Maya Wiley gets in. I'm out of here I am Alan. This city is going to fall apart if Maya Wiley gets in All right, let's check in with our pal Jesse Weber. He hosts the law and crime network. And he's the co host of W O R is always in fashion. Which airs Saturday. Eight o'clock at night, Sunday, seven o'clock at night. Good Morning, Jesse. How you doing? Hey, Jess. Good mor. Good morning, guys. Good to be on with you. What a what a big legal development across the world. All right. We'll just lay it out for us. How come the court decided to Spring Cosby? I gotta tell you. I'm surprised that this but it makes total sense. Look back in the day when Bill Cosby was being investigated about what he did to under a Comstat Bruce Castor, who is the D A said that that case felt very weak. He didn't think that there would be a successful prosecution, but he felt bad. So he said, Look, you know she's going to follow the civil lawsuit. I'll tell you what. Bill, if you decide to provide a deposition, you decided to testify in this case. I'm gonna make sure That you do not get prosecuted in the future. Bill Cosby relied on that he provided deposition where he admitted he gave women Quaaludes. He admitted to having a sexual relationship with Andrea Constand. That case ultimately settled. And then when Bruce Castor was out, the new people that were in charge of the the new prosecutors came in, took those statements and then charged Bill Cosby. It isn't fair to him. It isn't fair, and it didn't make sense. But it was used against him and looked at the highest court in Pennsylvania agreed with him and they overturned those convictions. Now I want to be very clear, and you mentioned this in your opening that doesn't negate What Bill Cosby did. It doesn't negate the fact that a jury found him guilty and it doesn't negate the fact that all these women came forward and accused him of sexual assault at the end of the day. This doesn't exonerate him. It's not like it was a murder case, and the real murderer stood up and said, I did it. Everybody knows what Bill Cosby did. Because of this procedural issue. He is a free man. And from a legal point of view that makes sense. Well, but my question Jesse is why they didn't make a bigger deal out of this when the trial was unfolding or before it began. Why did they jump up and down? Why weren't they screaming to the stars that they've been screwed here? Oh, they did. They did. But the lower courts felt that since this agreement was never in writing did it really, really happened? I mean, it's one word one person's word against another. And then the other idea was well, you know again, if it's not in writing, you know, did Cosby really rely on this and it's his own fault. It's his own fault. He relied on a verbal agreement. No, that doesn't make sense. He needed a written agreement. You rely on these kinds of assurances from a D A. Doesn't make sense. You took that risk. You said what you said. It can be used against you. The higher court in Pennsylvania disagreed and said, Look, a prosecutor has a lot of power and whether it's written whether it was verbal. It was very clear that Cosby relied on it. After all. Why did he say the things that he said in that civil deposition, He said it because he relied on the insurances. Of the D. A. It's very clear and ultimately the highest. The highest court in Pennsylvania, agreed with Cosby and disagree with the lower court's decision. Now any chance that he can be brought up on Other charges, or is he basically, you know, going to spend the rest of his life out of jail with respect to these charges?.

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