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You got to do a better job. I mean, they've been disciplined there was only two powerplant -tunities for the Blackhawks. I think that at this particular stage. The goaltending needs to be better. But everybody I think has to play better. But you know, just example the cog game you shouldn't give it five goals on twenty seven shots. I don't care. How quite I qualified. It is I think Jones can wake up he's been to a Stanley Cup. Final before we were talking about with EJ earlier in the week. But at some point is this. Team. That's just kind of laying in the weeds and we'll flip the switch complain offs. Or is this a team that has been exposed? And is just going to be an easy out. We're gonna find out but with their games remaining. I think they've got five games remaining might be good. Good idea for them to try to use those five games to get better. You don't wanna be stumbled onto the postseason winning three of your last fifteen games or whatever if they don't win between now and the end of the season, Chris I Don good news. Looks like you'll finally get to see Carter heart on Sunday. Also, any chance of getting Bill climent against great Bill, and I are very I don't wanna say close, but we're friends we did shows on an H L live together. I'm actually I'm not probably not gonna see him on Sunday because the games on national television. But I love to get Bill. We can preview the postseason because I know he's very close with the rest of the league love Bill bill's a great guy. We talk every now, and then he's helped me quite a bit of my career. So that is an excellent suggestion Chris of getting Bill Clinton on and I will try to endeavour to do that at some point either before the. Regular season in the playoffs. Forever. T eight says with well what non original sixteen or you pulling for most to win a Stanley Cup. I wouldn't mind the sharks finally winning one. Eventually, I'm with you. I've always been partial to the sharks. A couple of interesting reasons why I mean, always love their uniforms, and I remember, and I might have told the story on game conduct before this is back in the early nineties. I actually won my hockey fantasy league because we actually had a waiver draft. Really it was really intricate fantasy hockey that we were playing we actually had a waiver draft and I picked up Santa's old odorless in the waiver draft. And he almost single-handedly handily won that league for me. So I've always been partial to the shark. So that's probably a team that I would root for to Winnipeg. I think would be a great story of they won the Cup Nashville. I think would be very good for the league if they had one. So those are some of the non array. Six teams. I think it'd be great of the islanders were when were to win a Cup again. But that'd probably be the order of my rooting interest down the stretch. If Winnipeg played San at probably would root for Winnipeg, Dan says. Islanders caps penguins. Fighting for the metro could come down to game eighty two next Saturday in DC between the islanders and caps. Huge comeback win for the Allders last night on the road in a tough building. This is what it's all about. I am am I right playoff hockey in March. Absolutely. It's I get so aggravated. I've said it so many times that when people say the regular season is meaningless. They just don't pay attention the regular season is very meaningful. And there's gonna be some pretty pretty good hockey teams. They're gonna miss the playoffs this year Montreal's, good hockey team. They may not make the playoffs. Right. Arezzo has been a great story, man. I make the plows Minnesota..

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