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Six bucks cheaper than Brazil's giving American savings and other competitive advantage. Eating some help as you just heard Jim, talk about with corn growers from the stimulus package being debated in Washington DC National Farmers Union President Robert. Room penned a letter to the Senate where he outlined some of the corona virus, pandemic challenges that are unique not only to the farm, but also rural community. Particularly in livestock, and we've seen all the stories about for example and beef and hogs that we have such a concentrated market out there they, when you have a few of the biggest plants go down, that has ripple effects all the way back to the independent farmer rancher, and those are the kinds of challenges that you know we have to have address. No doubt he says in addition to small medium sized operations that could be pushed on if operations that has ramifications such on these rural communities such as say rural hospitals. This week, some of the Iowa State University extension annual farmland leasing meetings that go on this time of year. From our Buddy Steve Johnson he says the due to COVID nineteen. They've reduced the number of in-person offerings that are going to be presented statewide to about fifty five education he adds will be provided, both in person and online videos will be posted between now and live webinar scheduled for mid August. You can find out more details. On the big show website twelve, forty, five now, and those are the three big things you need to know. Well looking at this core market, can you take a look at some basis bids for us as well here? I want to look at this corn trade though I. September core is down one and three quarters, three, twenty, four and a half. December down one and a half cents, three, thirty, three, and a half, three, thirty, three, and a half August soybeans up to nine. Oh, six and three quarters September up a half cent, eight, nine, thousand, nine and a quarter November beans up one nine dollars and A. A quarter cent now we'll take a look at some basis beds. What you gotTa, talk about sure we got We'll start with first coop Cherokee. July delivery here thirty two cents under September contract new crop, forty three cents under the December contract soybeans fifty eight cents under the November contract for July at first coop, Cherokee new crop, eighty cents under the November contract long grain Creston July delivery for Korn twenty four cents under September new crop December forty cents under the September contract soybeans. July delivery forty cents under August new crop on excuse me new crop, seventy five cents under November and Bungee West Council bluffs soybeans this month, forty cents under November and the new crop fifty five cents under November Tag in Andy here. What are we hear from cargill Eddyville? Well Tom says they have roughly thirty minute. Wait to unload today. To start the week, but he says that could get shorter as the week goes on right now. They're scheduled to close for thirty today and be open six until four thirty tomorrow basis bid, he says for delivery by July thirty first that would be eight under I have August basis is thirteen under well. Thank you, fellas. Here's what's going on in the hog market national weighted, average price today, forty, two, twenty, a cash market forty to twenty. Four dollars and thirty one cents higher. Back into the futures, trade livestock futures here on the big show August live cattle currently down eighty cents, one hundred dollars, fifty three cents per hundredweight October down a buck eighteen one. Oh, three ninety-two. August feeder cattle down to five at one forty even. August lean hogs up fifty cents fifty, four fifty October up forty fifty fifty five markets, during the big show brought to you twelve, fifty, five on the big show clock, where rampant another Dan and big show before we get to Jamie, Andy, which got going. Just a big shot to Scott Gene in the gang. These central Iowa polars, and the pulling for you promotions folks down in Davenport. Great tractor pull great time at the Mississippi Valley fairgrounds on Saturday raising money for some great causes including Scott County first responders, so you have a shoutout to the big show listeners Jerry, bolt to was serving as a lead MC and and whose back is probably still sore from having to deal with me for four hours, but had a lot of fun. And raised a lot of money for a great cause Bob on Saturday night. It was a pleasure to be a part of Nice well. That's good deal. Hey, Jamie Co Haughey's on the telephone line with us. We're going to wrap up bigger show with a look at the marketplace Jamie. corn soybeans kind of flat, really not a lot going on, but at least soybeans are. Jumping up a little bit now, let's revisit the soybean market. What do you think we're going to see here in the next few weeks? I think we're still gonNA have earned both sides of nine dollars really looking to see how the crop is going to be roughly mid August, if in catch a few rains in the meantime or not, funds are defending their positions halfway well on alongside. It early experts survey that key factor upkeep in the market propped up. But I think we're probably between eight sixty, nine twenty outside your for quite a while and tell we probably see you know where the acres ended up in the final yields. Most be a final yields, Jimmy. Dry weather here, but apparently not enough yet to get the trade concerned about lower corn yields. Yeah it's been a depressing trade really last week we can have no volatility all in corn and or beans and here today we're supposed to see you know unchanged crop conditions again today, both corn and beans and You know really even two weeks ago, every kind of window on lower the conditions, but we haven't yet still looking at sixty nine percent, DAX, on corn. Let's talk. cash markets a little bit livestock wise Jamie. been what some surprising strength I guess here as late. Yeah Yeah moving up in that ninety seven ninety eight area for the five state average outlook for the market to be higher again here this week today, the future has got a big reversal going. We had a gap higher opening, and our sharply lower, so we're looks like we're GonNa, Kiva, versus to the downside which reburied for tomorrow, but I think cashing in here this week and I think boxes were probably bought amount this week and look for. Starting next week in ox beef. In those boxes. I think by the end of this. I think I think we put a low in this week for sure. Hey Jamie. Can we continue talking markets with you what? You backtrack number, seventy, five, three, three, eight, or one, one, one, four, one one one thanks Jamie Jamie Co hockey wrapping this up in a big show big thanks to andy and Nay. And Lydia also reporting the Polk County Fair about that a your chance to win thousand bucks by five minutes away here in the big show radio stations..

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