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Being the guy who fancy as the guy who drove danuberhine to quitting leaving and then going having great matches elsewhere well as the less he's going to be a he'll right but i even add even that but yeah i know what you mean yeah yeah and i don't think the you know i i don't think he should be a ill i kind of fear that one of them is going to be i don't think either one of them should be i'm not can we had one show can we just keep it this way words a i liked the dynamic on both shows right now even though the spectre of us stephan rieke man has always looming over raw at least on smack down it's just been be okay shannon daniel kind of get into debates every now and again but they're both likeable people and and likeable people can disagree on thing what let's keep that dynamic but something's going on there would yes i do have an idea of were this ultimately as had it now i fear or to daniel bryan he'll turn um cannot even worth though i mean is that just i mean would well fans booed danuberhine under any circumstances you know or or don't they care is a sort of like well if he's siding with kevin owns and sammy's ain't in they're all heels we don't care at the fans cheer we're gonna promote that frame them as he heels but were the he'll fans will cheer them it'll just rationalize it that way i'm hoping that which stephanie road applies to a point where yeah he does interfere but again h two likeable people who were having a disagreement they just don't see eye to eye on things and there's really not a he'll coming out of this tertius major friction daniel interferes does whatever to save shane from himself basically from becoming his father and uh doing in manipulating this match and and taking things into his own hands to run these guys out and ate it it's not wwe is typical style um i do think there'll be a he'll coming out of this but that's what i mean i wouldn't put myself in this position i think dan o'brien creatively might enjoy the challenge of trying to get fans to root against him.

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