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Host just long night. Sweet. I'm here with my brother Christian. Hello, people might be surprised to learn this. We have the same parents say mother and father. Yeah. Our father put the same genetic material into her mother. Okay. Isn't that crazy? That's how we all start from this like weird cat explosion of like ecstasy, and then people get like baptism. Oh gift wrapped in pink. And it's all like dressed up fancy, but it starts like sweaty aggressive traits. So sacred anointing these little babies with oil, and it all started with like. Oh, and that's how we're here in America. And that we have a podcast because of that little explosion. Well, I'll tell you who stopped listening definitely are father, probably our mother. This is a weekly show. Our weekly interview show for going to be talking to actors musicians thinkers mutes we're gonna have a lot of mutes on 'em mines speaking to really get into it with mimes. We want to know how they get the most out of life really because as we established life is short. Yeah. And we want to ask bigger questions. Like, you know, what's your favorite emoji? Let's say and and speaking of emojis, do you believe in God stuff like that? But our guest today is Neil, Patrick Harris. Neil somebody that we both known for a long time and always had fun with Neil's one of the most playful interesting curious people I've ever known, and we're going to be talking a little bit about the world is dragged Neil and his husband David have a documentary coming out called wig. Which is all about weak stock, which is a cultural movement that's been happening for many years in New York. And so I hope you guys enjoy my conversation with Neil, Patrick, Harris. I hang out with only a doorbell guys. Yeah. That's that's the one requirement. It's a warming here for you soon. But but you strike me as somebody who I I can't imagine a Christian. I often say this that it's a rare combination to be confident and not Dushi. Do you know, you have that you possess that you are known by every I mean, you're very recognized. You have a recognizable face. How does that again? Not a good thing or bad thing. I've I'm sure that came with its own frustrations. But what were the what were the what were the p- bonuses of that? And what were the Luneta then? Yeah. Yeah. I could get into clubs really in LA without any kind of fake ID or anything. Did you do that? Or did. Yeah. The I would flirt with drew Barrymore's. Mom over really you flew Jade. Jay to get into the club. Are you being serious super serious? No kidding. Yeah. So you might way more partying when I was nineteen and twenty then I and I had a fake ID, my friend Chuck got me a good fake ID over in downtown LA. Fifty bucks of very exciting didn't need it. Because I was get on the TV show. I think it was like when Webster would come in Emmanuel Lewis would be in the corner. Right. There's Neil Patrick Harris over and that's side. Would let me into think. I I will. I didn't look like I was twenty one and tell us about thirty four right. Yeah. You were a young young looking kit. What was your fake ID name? No as my own name. Okay. It was Thunderball Harris. So weird MD pay white three names. Did you ever think about just Neil always another Neil Harris, otherwise in the Screen Actors Guild? Okay. Do you? Speaking of dra-, the drag circuit, drag queens, inappropriate words, still track Queen clean. Yeah. Queens, grade queens. Great. I I mean, I say like. No one drag for a living. But I think queens, do you remember that bar on I and I called Waikiki walis Waikiki while he was like a Tiki bar, right? Next door to that Curio key drag bar called lucky Chang's..

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