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Me. Today is Argentina Leiva. We're here to talk about one of the challenges. Female business leaders space overcoming wing a negative body image. Argentina is an international photographer and founder of art of Seduction Boudoir for Argentina. It all clicked when she herself worked up the courage to step in front of the camera. Wearing nothing but black lacy relaunch array. It was her first boudoir shoot soon after that. She left an engineering career behind and she'd spent the last decade photographing over three thousand women capturing their Self Acceptance Liberation Argentina has to Boudoir. I studios wanted Chicago in one in Austin and she runs. Women's retreats hosted an exotic locations like Bali Fiji Cosa Awesome L.. She's helping women in their forties fifties and beyond to peel confident sexy at totally transformed Argentina. Tena Welcome thank you sir. It's so good to be here. I'm very very honored to be your guest. Well great and it's probably obvious obvious dot little bit from that introduction but how would you characterize the biggest challenge your helping female leaders face and give us a sense of some some of the symptoms of that challenge. Yeah absolutely you know for the past thirteen years I have worked with over three thousand women and yeah I have held them. Elevate their confidence and their self esteem through photography. I call it boudoir photography. And you've never heard of it is imagine a Sexy photo shoot with lingerie or even nude photography or sexy dresses. Beautiful Hair beautiful makeup in a beautiful setting like a bedroom or a beautiful living room. So that's kind of what I can help. People understand what boudoir photography is and is something that really gets people very out of their comfort zone. Because you're taking Brima you're close often show photograph in your body and and you know we're our body. Image is something that we all women worry about. You know the most most common thing that I hear from many of the women that are how work with that. I still talk daily basis. They tell me I want to feel more confident in my body. So what happens is the we go through the world with certain believes about a worthiness as women. One of them is her body image and believe it or not body. Image is the number one source of shame for women. I was so shocked when I found Out this fact. I read this book all during gravely by author Brett Brown and she just researched. Shame and I was. I was so shocked when when she running her book that the number one source of shame for women is body image. Everything just started to make sense a lot for me how we all have all these issues. So confidence and feeling were-they feeling good enough is so essential for any woman don't do achieve her dreams. This confidence gets shatter in for so many reasons in a fair failure. Fear of missing out fear zero being judged be body shamed you know etc and what I focus on is tracking this lack of confidence created in in our heads from the belief that our looks h Wade skin color define our beauty and as consequence worthiness women so so the symptoms that I find you know when women have low self esteem and strong body image issues is for example. A woman can take take a compliment. Day My all my. You're so pretty. Oh you just tell me that because you're my friend or my husband or you know you like me own. Her husband tells her she's beautiful but she can see that Another scene John could be you know insecurity about being left in a band. John Cheater on within our woman but the husband so allowing security hiding under baggy clothes instead of wearing sexy clothes. or You just tried I to hide your body on the ragged clothes. That's what I used to do hating hating what you see in the mirror and eventually avoided looking. You know yourself in the mirror aboard and taking pictures a lot of women tell me I hate taking pictures. I never take selfies and never I'm always the one taking the pictures not making eye contact especially with men that is a huge sign of of You know issues with body image or a woman that she would I drop dead before even thinking about putting on a bathing suit let alone a bikini or having an eating disorder. I they're there you know starving yourself always being diets or on the contrary actually eating and sometimes even putting putting in on weight on purpose to make yourself even more unattractive and justified that you're not good enough or She's addicted addicted the to cosmetic procedures to stay young or to keep a nice body we the purpose of being liked an accepted or her to be like by man. Or you know my women you know. Oh my gosh. She's so young you know. So that's another symptom or a woman on that would never go out to public without any makeup that that's also a sign that I've seen or somebody who is a gym. I'm glad and it's never enough someone. How much work out you put your body and you just like spend hours and hours in the gym because you have to have this perfect body? So those are the symptoms that I would say would the red flags to tell any woman. Okay I have body image issues and believe me. We'll you'll have them so one of those things he's GonNa apply to any of us so huge impact of this so women are dealing with. What do you? It's the biggest mistake thing. May before they start working with you. Of course I would say that the biggest mistake a woman can make a stew. Try to come With excuses to talk herself out of it we would think about it. A Lotta women reach out to me and then they just go my with all these excuses and sometimes as I call call call them in the like come on you're just trying to talk yourself out of it because again you're nervous biggest. Fear that we have is that we're not going to like what we see that we're gonNA look ridiculous so another reason would be thinking that you have to do this for a husband or a boyfriend and honestly has to be done for yourself an or mistake or excuse us is like a had to lose the weight I I had to get in shape or When I get engage or when I turned forty or fifty or you know it's always just recent in in? This shouldn't be that the moment it's it's right now so things like you know excuses like I'm too old for this. I'm too big. I need to lose weight. I need to have my boob job I I am not for Genyk. I don't have a husband or a boyfriend or all. Those are just excuses and I think that is the biggest mistake because it's something the pretty much everybody wants to do who doesn't want to like look beautiful in pictures you know at the end of the day. This excuses are also symptoms of of not feeling good enough to this Ur to feel beautiful because in a way you know you think that e- You consider yourself beautiful and attractive if you're GONNA be perceived as a testicle or arrogant and God forbid a woman should be always submissive. Quiet look down. Put everyone one else before her not be selfish and show offish. So that's that's the thing so it has to be a personal decision end of everyone to actually do this and my job is to women. Do overcome this obstacle when I get with on the phone so that they can make their own decision position to do something totally out of the comfort zone to become stronger. I'm more confident despite the fear being judged so once we recognize this decide aside. We're GONNA do it for ourselves. I'm interested in what we can do about it. Can you share with one free and actionable tip that someone could take like today to to start addressing this challenge. You know it stars but something very in my say think that is simple but it's actually deeper than that but knowing yourself better than anyone else when you really work in Noida yourself then you can start to make decisions out of the desire to become the the best version of yourself so to do this. You had to go inside of you did the darkest places and discover what is holding you back. So in the case of your body image stepping from a full length mirror totally naked and look at your body and analyze analyze your feelings when you look at you. What are the thoughts that come to mind? You thought like A. I'm fact shoe to look at my cellulite. My stomach is like a map after my sis sections and he's covering stretch marks. I hate it. I hate my legs or my boobs start small or too big or too saggy after breastfeeding or I look old or the Moscow. Just hate these body so so you know. It's very tough exercise. Any hurts a lot but only the people that actually dare to go into darkness darkness. Displaces can actually start to see the light to commodity if any of these thoughts. Come to your mind. Then you have worked to do. These are your darkest thoughts in. Don't blame yourself you know. We can't help it. I mean it's everyone around us all these you know Oh. Perception of beauty in the social media the celebrities the pressure to look in certain way because we were really like slaves so the beauty industry trey they use our insecurities or body image issues to make money. So I'm not against you know all those beauty products doc procedures and taking care of yourself is no different than taking care of your car. You gotta a scratching the paint while you're going to get a detailed right or refit is dirty after for a whole month while you take it to get washed and detail so the same thing you know is for your body's because you love your body is because you do the the things that you do you take it to the gym you can get a facial You get treatment in your hair. You good you do put Good food you're in your body to stay healthy and you want to have their children do a mommy makeover by all means. This is your body it just has pushed out to three kids to the world is done his jaw. You had a reward. That is no the friend that taking your car in a cart you know road trip and after that they need to take it to the mechanic to do the maintenance after you know doing a tow three week tour so do it at a law for your body not to be liked accept it. That's the difference. Wow so can you share a resource with our listeners that they can use to understand in this challenge better or to begin to take action themselves. Oh yeah absolutely I really you know I had this e book call seven days to Selloff I love that I want to give to every woman that registers in my website. So I'm GonNa make it very easy. You just text the word delicious. Two seven nine seven nine seven nine and.

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Argentina, Argentina Leiva, Bali Fiji Cosa discussed on The KTS Success Factor (a Podcast for Women)

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