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Yeah exactly youtube. Or whatever is why am like what. How do you know this. He's likes common knowledge but no he'll like name the guy like. Oh yeah yeah yeah. The clone stolid gist on you telling me all about this like okay. you win. Yeah yeah it's hilarious. Gainesville watching well. We watched a movie. Oh so we've been watching a lot of psych tv show from usa back in the day. Oh yeah yeah yeah. let's awesome. Wow and we love it. As a family. We can all agree to watch We gotta get back to that It is it is hilarious An hates it because shawn shawn spencer's Peter pan character. That never goes up. You know and and and gus is forever like straight man but but just hilarious together and and it's just it's just so well it encapsulated It's a what do you call those movie. The tv shows sh movies that nothing ever changes. Now it's It never changes. Oh man yeah. Law and orders example of it now. I can't even. Oh i really don't know this is interesting. So yeah so there's a whole his whole genre of television shows. Oh here now. I remember the word whole series of television shows. That's called procedural. Oh i have heard of that. Yes procedures right. Yeah at the beginning of the show and the end of the show all the main characters that you love it week in week out have not changed at all. And they were one dimensional. They basically just solve a case in every episode right and that's the same thing that they do here and it's so funny to watch to listen to my family and watch family and the minute we get introduced to these extra characters are like oh. She did it she. She's the one she's like. You get like ten characters because while they're right you get introduced to ten characters and saying this person did or that person did it. And of course there's red herrings all over the place and you know not every alright but usually there's some intricacies to the way that they woven the why they did it you know and and so it's just fun to watch over dinner like that But we were watching it over the weekend and we had a little bit of a marathon. We were watching a couple of episodes. And i was like. Let's take a break from this. Because i want something i wanted to see on on something else and i saw. We made us take a break for the personal life of david copperfield. The spirit of illusion. Have you seen that right. This is david copperfield. Am i saying it wrong. It's no no he's a. He's a magician guy. Now maybe i'm not maybe the personal life. This is the oliver twist. Who's who with that. You're talking about what's the british author. Yeah chris dick dickens charles dickens charles dickens right so he wrote a david copperfield okay. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. He wrote a book called david copperfield and they did a modern retelling twenty nine thousand nine hundred of it where dave patel plays david copperfield. Oh very cool. I'll check that out and it has like and it has this multicultural cast. It's it is amazing. it's amazing storytelling..

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