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For one of the victims of the nine bombing attacks that killed more than three hundred people. Those in attendance gathered together singing at a church Negombo SRI. Lanka's defense minister says the bombings were carried out to avenge. The deaths of Muslims in attacks at two mosques in New Zealand at least four Americans died in those shootings. Two eighty two. A gallon is the average price for gas in Indianapolis this morning says gas buddy dot com, south bend mayor Pete Buddha. Judge says President Trump has made it clear. He deserves impeachment though, Buddha. Judge says an impeachment talks for lawmakers in congress. He says he plays a role in that matter my role in the process is trying to relegate Trumpism to the dustbin history. And I think there's no more decisive way to do that especially to get Republicans to abandon this kind of deal with the devil. They made then to have just an absolute thumping develop box for what that represents several prominent Democrats in congress have been discussing impeachment, impeaching the president over accusations against him that he obstructed Justice in the Russia. Invest. And a potential deal on gambling legalize sports betting in time for football season. Eric Berman reports house incentive leaders still need to sign off on the proposal that would legalize sports being casinos or by smartphone, July first, you'd still have to wait for the gaming commission to put rules in place. The Bill still authorizes casinos and Tara and downtown Gary and it would put life dealers in the two racetrack casinos in nine months. Eric Berman Ninety-three WIBC new Sean Herrick on the level on the going on Twitter at ninety three WIBC and WIBC dot com. Seven thirty four let's go to traffic.

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