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Oh i was in the ring with the pro by the way. This is local broadcasting by who says is bigger than local. So you wrong off writ. You disrespect in boxing voice not without even knowing it just by trying to get your bars off because boxing voice is bigger than local. So i've been on a known broadcasting station. Which is the boxing voice. Almost two hundred thousand subscribers. Hang around. He brought enough. But it's all good we we'll take everything five enough you go up. We're still eight. we're gonna speak it into exists. His not a lot of people on here with two thousand subscribers. Joe got a. We got another one coming right back out jason. I can't wait to hear more about all these names. You drop in use spaw troy wanna-be king of ring and not the king of spawn may return big man retired from bottom forty one. I know you probably don't and i know you're everybody may come back shannon breeze by the fight tyson about the five every morales miguel. Four who koto the fight marquez with. We'll give you that same bagging. I'll make a comeback now. I had he that backs out a word. I gotta fight so the world kendall said he was not interested. You fucking lion. No i'm not. Yes yes yes you walk. Yes i don't listen to me. I don't let me tell you saw. I don't care what you show. I got the whole conversation. I show maka see. He know you getting boy. Ill faded joe. Seo no you doing it for up to doing it for me. I show you my content so you might say so. You might take so. He say he would've did it. I show you martha. He wasn't interested. I told them at sellable. No you wasn't you wasn't. He was willing. I called you and told you that. I also asked him member. I don't what you act now. I know now. I know you was the one day. Want to listen to handle i. I'm gonna just send you the screen shot. I don't want your screen shots. I wanna go. I want to public. I want the public to know only public last. I want to. I want the public to know that you reached out to do the. You don't know after. I told you. I spoke to him and he was given you the fight on board september eighteenth. You gave me now. Who gave me a result you you you gave me a reason why you couldn't take the fight so we have to fight so now you know now you say you will reach the land now you see do you say now you say you reached out to them without me and he said no and i'm glad i'm glad should she win behind my back i got i got i got you. I got to the foul career. I got you that for you. We'll get that fight without me. Do matter you ain't getting. He told you know he told me. Yes it do matter at a. I don't care. I don't. They're the real reason. Is what why you ain't like that works at eighteen all of a sudden you wanna side excite. That's called saad text. And why tech. Some i got you to fight. Why would you side texan. You didn't get me to fight so we're not go through. What would the words offset Words what was the words. I said when i called you were i said what was the words i said when i put the words i said when i called you on what was the words i said when i called you you line. 'cause i doubled back on you. That's why that's a damn shale double back on knicks. You whatever you ask him. Kendall you duck condo you literally duck kimbro our duck kendall whole now. You're trying to tell my audience. Listen he's doing. Listen i want. I want the audience to see how how far he's taken his life. He easily stop lying right now but he wants to be he wants. The audience wants to audience. He wants to audience to believe that. I i am lying about kendall green to fight when kendall's already sponsor how many border wars so i'm making this up. I'm gonna just make it up that he wants to fight you so making it up. You say he didn't was interesting. I'm telling you he said no. I'll tell you. I'm telling you because you wasn't supposed to reach out zone now. I've got to fight. I got you. I got you the phone back in the would you doubling for. So you tell you lot you telling me you lied about. Excuse walnuts as bad. Why double them back then. 'cause i wa wa. You don't even know the nicotine you know can do. You don't even know this weekly me and these other nigga care about not going. You don't expect temperature you to one fucking punk temperatures. You ain't fucking fight. Dmz try to back off and he wanted to talk about the and again. so why. why why that'll be the why. Why why you dear mom why you if you don't want to call if you don't want to be friends you supposed you're supposed to be fighting them. You wanna talk to them off. Smoke nomadic man we calls somebody gonna close going to cause man we call four. Raise your hand in this league on a call he said i got the for you on cozma the rehab anymore super chatty because i think high and low suspension said another one said the box invoice is more that is now he said it again. Chen you chance saying that again. Chen how blow you the chance for senate again. Champi chippy chair. All i'm saying is the call is the voice of the people is time to listen and hear them will listen. Morial has left. Stayed on the entertained..

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