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Former coach Wes Unseld died at the age of seventy four right now sixty eight degrees in Central Park on this Wednesday June third evening thank you for tuning and I'm leaving Putney it's twelve thirty one old not much need for for hire vehicles around New York City earlier tonight they were banned from coming in and till now twelve thirty all part of the curfew in effect until five this morning police stopping traffic coming in from the bridges and tunnels trying to keep the peace after several nights of vandalism and looting a spin off from protests over last Monday's police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis we're going to go live now to our imac Rosenberg's been following all that's been going on tonight evening mac or morning now Hey good evening slash good morning live on and that while the spotlight last night was on the destruction in midtown spotlight tonight is been on tense moments avoided this early curfews made a big difference everywhere I'm going streets are much more empty huge amount NYPD presence that's made of Lazio on CNN saying so far it's been a good night a big crowds did form on the Lower East Side weaving their way through Manhattan and W. CBS reporter Kevin Rincon describe the situation all night of police escorting the protesters about a thousand or so demonstrators marched from Lincoln center from trump international Columbus circle actually that's where this group trying to gather they walk north about to eighty six close to ninety eight and then eight merged with another group and this was after the curfew the police had set up wind on certain streets so they wouldn't go past so instead of confronting officers on those lines the group intended it instead turned and they've been doing that the whole night and this night has not been without some reports of looting although not nearly as widespread as last night two groups appear to come to blows in Chelsea a pizzeria had its windows shattered arrests have still been made but again nothing close to what we saw last night another tense moment was a boy it as protesters were allowed to cross the Manhattan bridge into Manhattan they were met by police at the base of the bridge a standoff for about an hour it remained peaceful and then they walked back to Brooklyn live on all right thanks mac now in this second night of a curfew here in New York City W. CBS reporter rich lamb was with mayor bill de Blasio hood check on how much policing he thinks the city needs right now when I asked the mayor whether he expects the National Guard to be called up adding do you need their numbers the mayor flatly declared we do not need nor do we think it's wise for the National Guard to be in New York City then he praised the officers of the NYPD the vast majority are doing their job doing it well doing it with restraint because they've been trained incessantly to act with restraint a National Guard member the guard called up from any part of the state doesn't have that particular training doesn't know our environment but it is carrying a loaded weapon that is a bad scenario the mayor added so far we've not had a loss of life in these last five days but you bring outside armed forces into an equation that they are not trained for that is a dangerous scenario so I want to just put down a marker National Guard should not be brought here rich lam WCBS newsradio eight eight but as far as New York governor Andrew Cuomo is concerned the mayor and NYPD knees step it up in the midst of twin crises hit seems to Cold War between the governor and mayor is heating up the NYPD and the mayor did not do the job last night Cuomo says the.

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