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George Floyd, Orlando discussed on Sean Klitzner


A black picture was just all black in honor of black lives matter and to show their support for black lives matter my only issue with that that execution wise what what is it really do other than show the support which I think we're already doing in the streets and elsewhere and there are updates and what not I think it's great I have no problem with it Hey if that's how you want to share that you are supportive I think that's a wonderful way to do it however you know it's really not gonna get anything past that needs to get passed by the legislature and I think that we need to really set our sights on some bigger things right now that being said I still encouraged it's why I it didn't bother me too much other than you know I I wanted to get something and maybe that was the point was I was going through social media gone bad and it is so inspiring when people come together for one common cause and it's that's the most inspiring thing out of all of this so of course black lives matter those people are fighting with the people who say all lives matter because it just is it underlined racism when you say that and I'm here to tell you that after seeing everything in our community George Floyd's life mattered unfortunately it came at a cost of his actual life but the legacy he is now leaving on and there are a lot of black people who are are murdered there's a lot of any people who were murdered by the significance behind George Floyd's life and now death definitely does matter so let's get into this I love get your thoughts on everything going on and now no better time what's happening in Orlando what's happening with just your mindset with everything going on this covert nineteen not exist anymore is it not existent welcome to the show so I'm short I'm your host for the.

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