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Put this into perspective oracle shares are up nearly forty percent so far this year and a littleknown chinese energy company is suddenly getting a lot of attention more from bloomberg's betty lu cfc china energy raised eyebrows last week with its deal to buy a nine billion dollar stake in russian oil giant rosneft and it's also said to be a possible investor in a russian metals and howard business and a free trade zone in a black sea port all this is making it a conspicuous players summer comparing glencore let lobbing you head of asia oil and gas stocks jeffries said that surprising cfc is able to do such largescale transactions and it's not clear where the money for the deals is coming from betty lu bloomberg daybreak asia next stop japan where mcdonald's japan is getting some attention after really win gene the hearts of japanese consumers through their stomachs the story from bloomberg's denise pellegrini mcdonald's japan took a series of hit starting in 2014 to threatened to crack the golden arches starting with a supplier selling expired chicken human toot found in french fries and a child injured by a plastic chard inside a sunday sales plunged and the chain closed hundreds of restaurants in japan that ceo sarah cazenove tells bloomberg the troubles made her company go out and listen to customers across the country a move she says that resulted in a menu makeover and additions like perkins jinja jackie brokers and chocolate covered french fries the move seemed to be working mcdonald's japan sales climbed for the twenty first consecutive month in august and the company has raised its full year profit forecasts twice denise pellegrini bloomberg daybreak asia.

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