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Welcome to another episode of pursue the Hut live super excited as we are getting into our first episode of women in hunting serious, so really excited about that and we've got to special guests with us today. We've got lanta Hamilton and Caitlyn Bellamy and we're just GONNA be chatting about unseen today. We're going to be talking about maybe some of the challenges they faced and some hunting stories, so it can be recited so welcome here. Yes awesome so. Let's. Let's introduce you to the audience. Okay, so let alone just tell us a little bit about yourself. And I am a photographer I have kids. They are tending Lebanon Lebanon twelve soon. They actually both just got their core at the beginning of this year yet so there they will be official. We've got lots of Elliott charity works. Awesome. I've been with my husband since you've been nineteen, so it's been. A Long, long time. About eighteen eighteen years. I'm and he introduced me to hunting in so here. We are now also an WHOA. You KAYLA. Well I'm a personal trainer in a gym manager here. Forcing John I also have tickets of my son is fifteen and my daughter's nine My son is not interested in hunting at all, and that's totally fine, but my daughter will be taken for the series well, so she's come hunt with me and my husband Jim. You manage, manage prevail athletics. There's replace K. Per. Awesome, so, let's talk a little bit about. Kind of getting into hunting, so what kind of? Kind of intrigued you about hunting. WHAT WAGON INTEREST! I actually grew up not hunting. So that's kind of interesting, so I grew up not hunting. And then I moved up fourteen John when I was nineteen, and basically my my husband right away, and he grew up hunting. He's always been super passionate about it. And he introduced me to it, and I immediately fell in love with it just for all the outdoor aspects going plotting camping and just kind of everything that. Surrounds hunting. And Yeah I. Really enjoy eating out so when we got into hunting. Lick before he moved to fourteen John, husband. Were was just not an opportunity you had, or you just had interest in it I think all all the above. No interest may never had entrust. We, didn't the city as well. Against it then fell in love with it. You just really didn't have that Opportunity Yeah. Wasn't didn't have any knowledge about it either so. Once, he introduced me to hunting he. taught me all about it. In the more I learned about hunting. The marlins like wow, this is such an awesome lifestyle to have and I think there's a lot of people out there that don't realize what like it's not just going out and shooting animals right? There's more to hunting men, just that And I think learning that learning all everything that surrounds had team. It's just I. Love with it, also yeah. I actually had a completely different experience because I grew up in a huge family. My Dad has hunted ever since I can remember. He used to wake US up before school. My mom would be going on business trips and he would us into the truck at four am when we were maybe like six and seven, and he was up deer hunting, and we were sleeping in the back season. We'd go to drop US longer. Just zombies me and my brother, and the teachers like what's wrong with me to school hunting before Sur-. Before school. My mother. Like a few years later, but those are like my first memories of funding with my dad I was it actually hunting, but being drug out before school. And then as I got older I kind of like the typical teenage girl, my brother stayed on the hunting truck, and was hunting with my dad, and I lost interest in wanted to go hang out with my friends and Boyfriends, and all that fun stuff, but. I married a hunter so here back on back. And then okay so as far as experience wise. How long have you been hunting and just started hunting? So the first couple of years I was married my husband. He was actually just getting into a tube. He wasn't raised. But my dad got hold it and he was going to make him a hunter. So, he started hunting again and then I don't. Like the typical hunting white thing I was like well. I'm not going to stay home by myself all the time to go to. A couple of years after that I went and took my corrina got my pollen away went. It's a great. It's a great thing to do your husband. Yeah, totally like I think it's better than staying at but sitting at home from September tool when when this season. Learn. How in February so really home by yourself till March. Long to sit at home for. Okay okay. So. Have you have. Have you encountered any challenges like maybe when you initially started like? Did you find it more physical maybe than you were expecting or did you just Kinda? I didn't say that I encountered a lot of challenges beginning. I just kind of always along for the ride I. Think I've encountered challenges within certain hunts. Some. Like overall, there's not I. Don't have one specific challenge would say over this, but there's been a lot of like small challenges within different hunts. That I've been on, have. Do you have you? Have you shot a gun before you kinda got into the hunting. Yeah, okay, so so I learn that. Challenge. Well I get. I guess I was so long ago. Per Do, you remember anything about that experience like raised super nervous or you holding it wrong or your husband's like no to ensure I remember there is a little bit of like Arjun. Like Victor, you safe and yet. This is a funny story. Actually do need to tell us. Currently I apologize. And.

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