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I have a whole chapter about stewart alexander and then i invited him to write his own chapter which is the end of my book surviving death. You hear directly from stewart himself. So gimme a long answer to a short question. Yes i have witnessed this phenomenon. I have touched the hand and seen it materialize numerous times and it definitely happens. There's absolutely no possibility that this is anything but legitimate genuine. What's what's going on stewart. The next Shows cold signs from the date and that reminds me of Somebody will happen to me. I just briefly talk about it. I was. I had a sitting with a medium for an hour and she didn't know who i was my name or anything and she got so much stuff right and afterwards i started telling her about the polk cast and this experience. I had with a feather showing up a real synchronised And she said look at the floor right on. The middle of the floor in between us was a feather. And it hadn't been there the whole hour that we'd been going through the session. I got no idea it came from and it kind of makes me feel like your experience was seeing the hand. Obviously it's not as dramatic but it does make you. You'll brian suddenly stopping you. Just just come work out where that came from. That's unical simon. That's such a great story. I mean you can imagine if if you're if you're allowing for the reality of the spirit world which i assume you are since you were at a medium then how else can you interpret it other than came from spiritual because it wasn't there before the until that moment right. Yeah so you know. How can you possibly interpret that. Yeah the thing was. I was talking to her about a feather of that. Turned up a really synchronicity. That that was the focus of the conversation and then another feather turns up on. It's almost like the the spirit world is slapping you inside. Come home pay attention. It's exactly right and she must have been a very fine medium as well to offer those kinds of that. Something like that to be able to.

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