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Momoa and Alfre Woodard six hundred years into the future two hundred years out from where we are now a virus sweeps the earth and everybody there the two million people that are left that's a total population there merge blind and for the next four hundred years no one is born with site as we know it that's from I. T. V.'s this morning Alfre Woodard sixty seven and Courtney Thorne Smith who's been acting since she was a teenager is been starring in the Emma fielding mysteries on the hallmark channel based loosely on a real person David Cameron wrote a series of books about and the feeling is an archaeologist and Dana Cameron is an archaeology professor and an archaeologist so there's a lot of real life archaeology in the books which makes them so much fun and so much fun to play she's fifty two and that's our birthday round up for November eighth I'm Bob Kessler a former First Lady is trying to energize voters ahead of next year's presidential election and to think these math mall reports she's getting some big name help Michelle Obama who co chairs when we all vote this is a roster of celebrities including Selena Gomez and Kerry Washington of also signed on as co chairs of the national non partisan group that aims to boost voter participation in every election the organization which began last year already counts stores like Lin Manuel Miranda and Tom Hanks is co chairs I'm at small the transcript of testimony by George can't senior state department official to the house committees involved in the impeachment enquiring has been released a B. soccer Madani with more destinations by the end Clinton those are the key words George can't says the president wanted Ukraine's leader to say into a microphone Ken told impeachment investigators that's his understanding based on conversations with others in the administration Clinton was shorthand for the twenty sixteen election a reference to the president's view that Ukraine interfered in the race Kendall be among three state department officials testifying publicly next week along with another diplomat who testified the president held up military aid to Ukraine in a bid to force it to investigate Democrats Sager mag Donnie Washington former national security adviser John Bolton didn't show after being asked for an interview today California Democrat Eric Swalwell says they don't have time to try to force Bolton to testify not gonna chase ambassador Bolton into court we're not going to you know follow a rope a dope strategy where we have to wait months or even years I could have people coming open hearings begin next Wednesday former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg thinking.

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