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O. dot I. N. T. is their website you can also turn to question and answer sessions that have been set up at places like here at ABC news featuring our friend Dr Jen Ashton hundreds and hundreds of questions coming into our corona virus command center now we're gonna start with Shea on Facebook who's asking how are people infected with corona virus being treated and what are the protocols right now other than stay home we really don't know at this point this is you know right now and that's the key the unknown not knowing part of it's freaking all of this out David Rowe Piqu studies risk he's written a book called how risky is it really why our fears don't always match the facts you spoken a lot this week about corona virus including to us David if you could give me your take if you want on what exactly is going on with all this when a risk is new it has uncertainty we don't know yet what we need to know to protect ourselves and that uncertainty makes us feel powerless like we don't have control over it kind of like driving a car down the street only your eyes are closed you don't have control over your own safety and that makes it feel scary so what we do is anything that gives us a sense of control like we buy all the bottled water and toilet paper Costco right or masks or say we're going to wash your hands and not she cans and all this sort of stuff which is generally good practice but in part it's because we're freaking out rather than it's actually just good practice I think terrorism is another one that you could think of you know after nine eleven and and over the the subsequent years if it's a natural human reaction so after nine online and then the anthrax letters we were all buying a lot of people were buying gas masks the same thing is these face masks now ninety million Americans bought the plastic and duct tape recommended in case there was a biological or chemical attack to seal off a room and many people said coming out of the store I know this looks stupid but at least it's something I can do to make myself feel safe it's taking control now here's the danger that when we think we've taken control we relax and in this case we need to be cautious we need to wash your hands we need to be aware of symptoms there's a real risk out there it's not like this is not a risk at all we just need to keep our reactions in perspective but those reactions need to include do precaution is it something that you can pass on to people this the sense of control let's say okay I've got what's going on right now and I and I'm scared about that but it's just as important for me to pass on information that is true for you as it is for me to wash my hands a tweet and a cough can be just as dangerous a cough can spread the germ and a tweet can spread the fear if we only sound the alarm everybody thinks the sky is falling and we over react now here's why that matters and here's why I tweet the cost can be the same constant worry is bad for our immune system it literally weakens our immune system we're in a fight or flight response to fight off the lion and we do have to worry about germs when the lioness attacking so we're in this for your state but the fear state turns down the immune system when you spread fear to your friends it's almost like spreading germs to them you wouldn't want people to do that to you we shouldn't do that to other people David Ropeik thank you very much really interesting stuff about hope it was helpful take care remember last week when we were talking about what a big deal super Tuesday would be chalk that one up in the you are correct column on Monday there were four still left in the race five with Tulsi Gabbard and by the end of the week there were just two three with Tulsi Gabbard Michael Bloomberg proved you still can't buy an election even when you spend half a billion dollars on your campaign when he dropped out he said he didn't have any regrets you know I've been doing this for a long time and every day gets better and I can tell you today sorry we didn't win but it's still the best day of my life in tomorrow's going to be even better and I Warren was a bit of a different story when she came in third in our own state of Massachusetts on Tuesday she knew there really wasn't a path to the nomination and so on Thursday in front of a lot of clicking cameras she also left the race one of the hardest part this is all this all those little girls we're going to have to wait for that's going to be hard it was a little hard to understand there at the beginning but what she said was almost inky promises and all those little girls who are going to have to wait four more years it's gonna be hard what a week it's been ABC news political director Rick Klein is here to help us sort it all out Rick we're gonna start off with what you wrote in the note to the political note that you guys put out.

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