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That late stage companies are making to their assault plans in play stock option plans and i think this is primarily for People joining later stage companies but there are quite a few like wealth simple for example but take the biggest round in came fundraising history so there are a lot of them. And i think it's important because not a lot of people including myself really know the ins and outs of what's better for you. What's worse the the main idea that he outlines here is that they're switching to one year grants because they can repay the price of evaluation. And what's happening in private markets for example these late stage companies like coin base in Airbnb we've talked about. At length are inflating their values so much when they go into markets that people who got a four year option plan three years ago are making so much money on those. Ipo's and this is the way. I understand it anyway that it's almost unfair to some people more senior to them that may be joined like a year after because their return is ten times so i don't know if you have any advice for people. I think the main audience that i want to kind of inform people were thinking about joining a a later stage of growth stage company in what they should be looking for in compensation when they're taking equity man we need to do. We actually have to do an episode. Just purely on con- structure for people getting involved in private companies that are paying you in equity. Because it's so important. I think that anybody who is considering getting a job at a company that is going to pay them. Inequity needs to talk to him. Adviser that understands the structure because the biggest mistake you're gonna make is i mean in some cases taking too much comp in in the form of equity and then not taking enough salary and there's just so many breakdowns where you might not know where to hold it how to did registered especially in canada how to pick a company to work for and i mean..

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