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Kevin owens and sammy's zane which immediately immediately leads to friction between shane mcmahon and page and now you've got this thing where maybe page is a he'll gm we don't know that's where we leave smackdown so smackdown and with big cass titus worldwide the bar jeff hardy no way jose seth rollins oscar bailey mandy rose kevin owens and sammy's eighteen and kevin's and say museum all because page went behind shane mcmahon's back wrong aw gets bobby rude daniel bryan the use ohs gender mahal mojo rawley charlotte the riot squad and chad gable shelton benjamin that's my vision that's what i would do i went through all these rosters look i got papers all over the place i went through all the rosters and i saw you know i said we can't really i can't in good consciousness take root day off smackdown i don't know what's going on with rue seven losing his casket match with the undertaker and all that but in good conscience i can't take him off aj styles needs to stay on smackdown and the aj styles nakimora story is not done being told by a long shot so i keep aj styles and nakimora both on smackdown so that story can continue to be told i leave the new day all on smackdown because i do want them to break up but i wanted to mean something when they break up i don't want them to break up just due to circumstance i want that to be a story that i have to deal with and randy orton should say on smackdown because he's like he's the elder statesmen i guess smackdown he adds a certain credibility as far as raw goes and people staying.

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