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Is been very painful but at least we are it's over with now both he and senator James Langford voted not guilty on the impeachment charges Oklahoma congressman Kevin Hearn says the long national nightmare is finally over legendary actor Kirk Douglas died yesterday at the age of one hundred three one of his more memorable movie role was in the nineteen fifty seven Paramount Pictures film gun fight at the OK corral you know generally the son of a yellow bellied stuff Douglas had a decorated career spanning more than six decades he is survived by his wife three children and seven grandchildren a big rally today at the state capitol as we hear from Beth Myers the state capital will be flooded today with medical marijuana business owners and patience they say they will rally at the capitol to fight to protect their rights under state question seven eighty eight that was passed by Oklahoma voters in June of two thousand eighteen they say more than thirty bills have been filed in the legislature that will greatly impact their industry and they say some of the bills will outright destroy what voters approved Oklahoma's homeless youth would be able to apply for voluntary guardianship through the state department of humans is under a bill that's passed a state house Judiciary Committee the connecting futures act is in house bill twenty nine twenty seven by state representative Chesley Branham of Oklahoma City also approved by the house Judiciary Committee this week a bill that would remove the statute of limitations for child trafficking and sex crimes against children that provision is in house bill thirty twenty four by Republican state representative Carol bush of Tulsa if the bill becomes law it would go.

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