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Beat Iraq. Dumb. Alex. Million dollar chief as charges in queens today accused in an attack of chairs and beer bottles hurled at two female bartenders because she suspected one was having an affair with her husband. Thank you. Dennis. Also tonight, a follower of mass killer. Charles Manson wants out of prison, Leslie, Van Houten has been in prison for over four decades to previous time she was recommended for parole, then governor Jerry Brown denied it. Now, it will be up to governor Gavin Newsom, then Houten took part in the killing of a couple here in L A, which came a day after other Manson followers, killed pregnant actress, Sharon Tate and four others. Tate's sister who was at the parole hearing opposes van Houten's release. There is no do overs. For their victims Van Houten case. Now undergoes a one hundred fifty day review period. Alex stone ABC news, Los Angeles in another courtroom with assault rifles and bricks of seized cocaine piled in stacks on a courtroom table. The defense gave closing arguments. This was the trial of drug kingpin, Joaquin El Chapo Guzman to some who's not as a folk hero a Robin Hood of sorts, but the prosecutor painted the picture of an ambitious drug Lord in brutal killer, she citizenship fifteen to twenty tons of cocaine into New York City, the street value two and a half billion dollars. And she argued El Chapo ran the cartel that offense is expected to clan. Goose modest being framed by his former associates many of them testified against him. The drug operation brought in billions Peter school for CBS news, Brooklyn, New York, Jerry.

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