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Injury muhammed's new with a hamstring see you wait and see how that plays out going forward but tampa bay two one one jamus wentz in that offensive output we keep waiting to see if the consistency will be there and that's something unfortunately can't judge perfectly through four games of the season caroline of by the way becomes super interesting watching that team yesterday that is such a different outfit and i know it's something they're trying to de emphasize and not rely on as much but man when you look cam just get involved in the run game and feel part of it we talked about this a lot of different sense is were cam newton is a very much like the still position player you think of in other positions playing quarterbacks where he almost got two massages ego a little bit in all of this because we see it would in tokyo brown had a sideline tyree the other day because ben roethlisberger missed him on a wide open throw we saw kim newton's sort of push back on the idea you're not letting a lion roar in reference to not letting him be a part of their run gave and the way he's been in the past because they don't want their best asset on offense injured because they want to shift this offense did you more of an intermediate passing game but cam yesterday i think it was eight carries for a a thai you've gotta touchdown mixed in there was involved in the design run game in a way that was a fish in a couple of first downs a touchdown near the red zone and you see the way it carries his energy into the rest of that game and cams a guy that thrives on that energy we saw that part of their best season a couple of years ago his mvp season going forward i think you've just got a for better or for worse and i understand there's risk associated with it but you need to take calculated risks with cannon that run game to make sure that you keep him involved and engaged in a way that translates so well for the rest of their offense eight.

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