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Well I mean I don't like what you're saying but dollar for like for one day as to what they turned into it's hard not to feel disappointed okay I mean listen Hey there you should feel disappointed you showed it wasn't supposed to even if they're not in a championship team or even in the finals this year it's never good when your best player kind of goes backwards both the off the court and on the court and then some of those it has it as a back issue not now that we're concerned about now listen in a month due to a warm couple weeks ago tell me Ben Simmons needs to have back surgery didn't I'm not much change mopping it alright let me let me put this picture yeah if that's the case then I'm changing my opinion hang on Nick you have the have the Joel in beat stuff you have impossible serious back injury from from Ben Simmons you have a coach that isn't going to be here you have a GM that may not be here you have al Horford who is totally cool I don't want to be totally cooking over a hundred million dollars so your yours though yes I'm saying so anyway three more years that's a great job of paint that picture that timeout does feel doom and gloom yeah at the Wells Fargo center all right Nick you celebrate I'm not a hundred percent sure if this counts as a celebration but I think it does disrespectfully awesome thing I've ever seen in sports when I A. I stepped over Tyronn Lue that qualifies I was in accounts it's gonna be hard to beat that would that's fun yeah that is the biggest like believe you in sports yes that in that Joey bats bat flip yeah Joey bats bat flip for baseball now see I I'll be I'll beat that one Sammy Sosa this Sammy Sosa home run the the the G. to jump out of the box the whole routine routine for the whole country was doing about it on the season was over with everybody yeah but when he would hit a home run he would still be half way down the line yeah out of the box here he will give you the two big hops and then take off like a bat out of hell around the basepaths yeah that that was any do the what to to to to chat through jazz in in they're bad yeah I mean you're not down not going to have like those guys had you know signature things about him yeah it was the signature thing right now is that you want to hit people to throw with like no more had his things things will return had that we're we tossed the bat will Bryce Harper the handshake for everybody the first month to see was the best month of my life I'm a awesome what a life everybody we gave to us is gaping it has said that he gave his own head shake he did with rice no he did not what's another what's another get of the get get some other good baseball celebrations in here so I'll do a there's an eagle celebration out there the wait for people to to bring up yeah me too eight eight eight seven two nine four ninety four yeah there's some good ones let's go to Angela in Mullica hill hi Angela Hey guys how are you Hey how are you thank you good all is well Hey I have a I'll start with the celebration first yet I in an SEC college football fans and so one that comes to mind is the kick six in two thousand thirteen when Auburn had a hundred yard kick return from from the from of a short field goal yeah and it was more the announcer who has since passed away Burnley quest and how he celebrated virtually take return I one of their announcers just recently passed away last year ko I'm not sure what else are you over now to dive with version that was on the call he certainly still saw a lot when I heard burned last year Tennessee versus Arkansas maybe maybe but I just I would just remain it was the Auburn announcer you're correct but try not to me at all as an Auburn Tigers and to me that is like one of the biggest moment I'll always remember in college football is how easy that announcer when and then even when they translate it when they didn't smash Larry Nassar went crazy when Ricky Ricardo got it thank you Angela now that was a that was a great ending to the game great ending all right now what it what a great what a great but there wasn't a like we're looking for we're looking for like a that was like a teen stars land celebration yeah moment that one I I gotta go I got a good eagles one which you have two thousand seventeen eagles they all they did was celebrate already the biggest net level you gotta live daily mills there was no good I was thinking about those guys yeah they did everything with a baseball a bold they did everything every game does not have a some different they were coming up was that there was that the first year with the lead try to encourage everybody to celebrate and they actually said Hey you can dance in the end zone again yeah the first year of your reportedly withdrawn flags on everybody know finally yeah so then the next year that they said as long as it's a team sort of thing they they they when they allow the eagles that that pressure marks and wrote it took advantage of every week don't get mad yeah he said Hey you're winning games what you gonna do that's what Matty guaranteed a win in Dallas again mark said reseal ninety four WPC one Philadelphia broadcasting from the tasty cake studios now remember one day where he was like yeah I thought I was going to call a timeout because they were still out there that vehicle actually yeah yeah that would be the eight no coach is going to like that kind of stuff but Doug smart enough to know this when you when you gotta let it go let it go but we lost the next week I still remember that that was the Chicago game when they were boys are gonna go out and everybody was dancing you know and don't rely had things been slipping in practices and if you did you could say anything they want what ten or eleven straight games so then they went to Seattle or Los and he was like to be a good laws for as good as you know it's easy to close the guys at the laws that is that the way sure and in the media because the media plays into it as the call was at new dates you're doing it wrong about it yeah we're encouraging them to go out there and do other stuff the come up with another day ads all right Scott do a Soul Train line yet die because then where does it go you know to be the everybody's doing the same thing the bowling and everything else now you're you're creating new things let's go to Scott in Oxford Pennsylvania hi Scott Hey good afternoon gentlemen how are you with this guy would've Scott Hey just died just real quick for you make my point talked with a lot of the other folks and one morning and Joe John afternoon I've never never spoke to you guys but just a ton of respect for but you both your viewpoint so thank you thank you Michael what's gotten thanks for calling absolutely yeah just I think on Monday point as the Sixers a little bit more screwed up I think that the Phillies I I think I think it's just too early know when they come up short and a few things in the offseason there Phillies did but you know I've given given given to seasoned to see what happens there but with as far as the Sixers go all right I'm gonna I'm gonna disagree with you a little bit I I just think that you know you I agree and you do you have another caller there a man couple points that I agree with but I just that you got this big man you got you got you well that try to talent analysts talents and you got it he has to get you have to get motivated I mean what's that all about it I just don't thank you okay their playoff team but how deep in the playoffs so they got to go with the big man star the team that can't get motive you never know if he's motivated from game to game and I just think that that's a space that speaks volumes I mean yeah he should he should be winning the story should be carrying the team we should be worried about whether or not he's getting motivated ray Scott no I agree with that part or you listen I'm not telling you what the Sixers have is picture perfect but we're we're comparing the worse of the two I want to me what the Sixers problems are can be easily fixed compared to what the west the Phillies issues are light I don't know if George Roddy just coming in it's going to fix everything Hey if it does okay great but I just don't see that absolutely baseball is the harder sport I have team success in also that also plays in favor of the Sixers and I just think the way the Easter sort of trending the Sixers have a chance to be one of the powerhouses in the east like next year the Phillies they aren't even the best team in their own division let alone the National League sure what's the celebrations got who's your celebrate has anybody said I can't believe I haven't how about neon Dion Sanders all that might be the one see that's that's that's that's a mountain mount Rushmore guy that's a one seed Dion with the celebrations that's been our that's an iconic celebration which is more iconic well that's not how it's done the high school is more iconic for sure but he also wasn't a guy that was as flamboyant I mean Dion was what nobody is foreign born is the I'm nobody yeah and I was doing to the current videos about problems in the everyday life yeah people every man every man the young now I I wouldn't I wouldn't take Desmond Howard over Dion because Dion not only had that one buddy eaters had where would his game and he brought that but Desmond Howard's Heisman polls is more of an iconic celebration there anything D. idea yes yeah no no no that might be I mean the Heisman pose it is one of the top ones endeavor yeah how about this one Merton Hanks all right I can connect me that's a very see I maybe think about Matthew hammer next bed I was good it was an original yeah it was that was that was all he is nobody else tried that no yeah why nobody else neck was as long as Murray makes love Martin X. you don't have any idea who Meghan that gives do you know I did you know the Merton Hanks how do you describe her for a radio audience he just he was had it had it how would you even describe describe it as he was just had a long neck so it may not fly back and forth listening either you know Merton Hanks is or you don't I don't know what to tell you what sport what sport was it but Ballmer MLS and play for the union is a forty niner Merton Hanks.

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A new story from Jon Marks and Ike Reese

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