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Angeles, K DIRW. Santa Barbara Casey are I Indio Palm Springs. Casey. Are you Oxnard Ventura in Casey are y Mojave a community service of Santa Monica college where NPR for southern California. And I am feeling today for Jason Bentley on morning becomes eclectic. And we have a big morning plan for you on this Friday. This Good Friday. We have a session in the eleven o'clock hour that we recorded week or so ago with Jade bird, and we'll be celebrating the release of her album with that live session. A to have tickets for you to go check out Nick Waterhouse at the regent theatre, plus new music from Karen, oh, endanger mouse as well. As really interesting young guy named Omar Apollo. I've been enjoying out of the UK little SIMS. We've got music from black plumas also tame Ground. Impala, I have music from Havana Cuba's Sima funk, I have Andrew bird's latest album called my finest work yet which actually might be his finest work yet. It's a really outstanding release. So we'll get into that. Well, so hope you'll just stay with me kick back relax with your work in whether you're relaxing today on Good Friday, or as Jerry mentioned if you're on spring break out of school. Anyway, I've got you covered until noon today. I'm man lit invason. It is KCRW and morning becomes eclectic. Land. And the. I see my. In. Nine. Window. Strong. Tonight now. Is it really? The Nevada stranger mad received. Guess. Here. I see. I'll be with you. Windows. Two. Absorb? And you. Now the question. Swell again to believe. St. Shadows. Sounds left. Halley? Drank clam throat now to the wars you asset with full this play clothes. Changes. Strange. Never seen Nathen had everything sticks. Way too. Are we ready? Kenneth nation built on blind fan this way. Where the people. Who's their way to stop gin Lee? Ken lee. Few sees. Few see? Few..

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