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Well, what is this? Welcome to the lady gang say that again things are about to change around here. Each week. We catch up with Hollywood's hottest girl posse Kilty night. Becca Tobin at Jack Vanik, welcome to lady gang. I in Becca Tobin here at Jack panic and Kelty night, just housed some Doritos and civil fig Newton. Here. What oh. Unlike what is happening understand guest. Yes. The guys this is Kelsey in the rarest form you'll ever see her in. She's she is fun fun. But I don't wanna waste any time. Let's get to it. Gotta get right into time. Four good. We. Yes, it is. No. I want to go first. Yeah. Okay. First of all good week. Matt Nathanson is here. My number one favorite singer. And in honor of him. I've been listening to Matt Nathanson all day. Yeah. Bad week Ray good week. I have a mystery pumpkin problem. You guys seems weird every two weeks since October. I get home to my house and someone has placed a pumpkin on my driveway houses, the first we're hearing of this above me because I didn't realize I thought it was the neighbor be nice sometimes on top of my postbox sometimes on my front door. There's just you have cameras. I know. So then I is it the same pumpkin skins how big the committee play cut like a huge. Like, I'm the going to win the thing. Just a small like a, pumpkin. This is so weird. And I'm like, so so I say to Chris I'm like, should we be worried like is this someone tagging our house like you're not go and put the pumpkin front of your house today to see if you gotta tone. If you move the puck or just like give a sign to they're like partner that like it's a good house to break into right seem subtle enough. I know tag me like pumpkin with a sign being like, I'm watching you. I don't know anyway, so the pumpkin. So then I'm like, you know, what I gotta go looking for the pumpkin footage. So I go on my ring app. And I'm looking. Ng? And so then there's a video and I'm like, oh, there's the pumpkin. If king rolls down the hill. Rolls into my driveway and just rolls. So whoever put the pumpkin roll that from out of reach of my Cameron show king I but then. How did he get on in places like on top your well, clearly just rolling pumpkins down your street? I don't even know like a pumpkin just it gave me an alert. And I was like, oh, I wonder what it is. Could it be the mail truck? Could it be whatever it's just a pumpkin just rolling down to Mark mice riding torture? Your commented. What is happening? You got to look up. What is like, maybe it's a thing in Bali thing that people are doing ends. I don't think it up. Okay. Jackie. Okay. Mystery pumpkin. Could it mean put it on the first degree the disappear into the pumpkin? Okay. So my good week is our front Becca Tila over at scrubbing and podcast. Did like an ask me anything the other day, and people are just asking your ram ever when you guys made fun of me for doing an ask me anything. Okay. Anyway. I no not ask me. Well, it was like an Instagram or it was like asked me questions, and there's a post the answers and somebody had like asked her about Bo talks and filler, and she was very open and honest about what she has gotten done to her actually saw that. And I was very impressed. Because as we have said a million times everybody in Hollywood is getting shut down to their faces and everybody pretends that they don't what what the thing that we wanted to do that. They wouldn't let us do on our TV show. How he wrapped up every show like the girl. Yes, girl. Oh, yeah. Yet. Ask her girl..

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