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General his brother was the president and he said look i see a crisis brewing in urban america there's a lot of rage going on here people are tracked into the extremist groups and they're turning away from martin luther king junior whitney young head of the urban league or roy wilkins who's head of the end but i don't wanna talk to the politicians to adam clayton piler king the leader i wanna talk to as you said the black people who have the ear of black america he met with baldwin at a breakfast meeting out at hickory hill is plays out in virginia baldwin playing was late they didn't talk for about a half an hour he says look the next day i'm going to be in new york once you bring a few of your friends if you can gather them up and come on over to the house and when you're james baldwin your friends are harry belafonte lena horne and lorraine hanbury really wanted to bobby kennedy wanted to know let's to dili i mean what's what's going on with black america what it right and he leaves t asked look contracting what we have now that's a huge huge benefit vantage in this country because he was actually curious and when he got to the meeting let's be honest though he's a politician so he wants them to be grateful be grateful for what we've done me and my brother but his brother robert john kennedy wasn't extraordinary politician but he was playing both ends against the middle he was putting on the bench people like hero cox was a right wing bigot in his spirit and allegedly a liberal but he's calling people horrible names from the bench he's also telling the governor of georgia when he plays a well time call to martin's king junior's imprisoned or there that look you let him out of jail he let out of jail and then a few days later there was a an election and all the black people who could vote voted for him but he told that governor we will not use federal forces to support immigration when i come into office then he selling black people hey i'm going to support the civil rights movement so he was caught in between that and bobby kennedy thought bobby kennedy got an earful he got an earful at the end of what he thought it was going to be.

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