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A statement late Wednesday night calling the league's proposed salary cuts a non starter here's ESPN's Jeff Passan jabs him coming out as strident as he was as forceful as he was with his message I think says a lot about the position of the players right now they're mad they're mad at the offer that Major League Baseball made and they're not going to sit here and say oh will be conciliatory will come and meet you in the middle now they want to go back to the player to Major League Baseball and say we're not going to accept this password appearing on ESPN's SportsCenter last night as baseball tries to figure out the economics behind its proposed return the NBA is trying to figure out a way to get their season restarted so champion could be crowned the lack of communication between the league and players also a source of frustration says clippers guard Patrick Beverley it's just sad that we got here about things happen you know in our work my workplace and stuff like that via Twitter I mean it's good isn't it time is fine but just one more communication let us not only string us along NBA star service just let us know I shall stand yet most reports have all the NBA teams being housed at the Walt Disney World resort with some sort of playoff concluding around Labor Day Phil Mickelson in the Los Angeles Times says he would like another version of Sunday's highly successful the match to with the match three potentially featuring guys like Steph curry Michael Jordan Tony Romo or Patrick Mahomes Sunday's event with Tiger Woods Tom Brady and Peyton manning garnered nearly six million viewers for TNT motor seven hundred WLW.

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