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So she could grab the now complete medallion. Here's the difference. Is that I do think that in the original film while you didn't know what was going on. You understood physics, you understood basic like, okay, we're in the room. And we know that we're looking for share. And we know basically what's up here? I do not know what I should be hoping for what is the goal here. I guess we're just define Sean bean. That's the thing that we're supposed to care about. I don't care enough about his character. Just want to see him rescue really does just feel like a video game that you're not engaged with. And you're just trying to survive the levels when they got like recall like they didn't finish got scrapped. We were working on it. And then they cancelled it, but you can still play it if you want it's got a lot of bugs. I've bought some of those games. And eventually she's gonna find Vincent here because he was thrown in the insane asylum because his mother was mad that he's fallen in love with Heather and that he was actually trying to help her and that lead her into the plot. And so he's insane now and they throw him in a room, and we have I don't know a vague -ly cool scene in which we at least get pyramid. Head back to chop off hands reaching through bars and the crazy faceless nurses are here as well. He's being rescued from gurney while they try to slice him again. Those nurses are a great design. I really like them quite a lot. I do understand who's attacking who for why. And I think he was turned to the light side a little too easily to say the least here. But what it really does? It feels like every time they wanna have a revelation. It's just a recreation. It's oh, let's do what we did in the last movie that creeped you out so well except. Oh, yeah. We don't have the same budget. We don't have the same quality of actors, and we haven't created any sense of mood. So it's just a sad remake of a movie that didn't work that well to begin with. And I never even got the sense that Vincent was really working for his mother. Anyway, like talking about his grandfather, I thought he trusted his grandfather was actually a true human being and not actually twisted and had a plot of his own. This whole thing is a mess. It also raises my question I asked last week is pyramid had a guy. Or is there a bunch of them because he's back, obviously, he died in the last one in the games. There's a bunch of them. Okay. He's in the sane asylum kicking ass slicing off the hands. It looks good in three D. No doubt. But then he's going to turn right back around and go to a carnival and have to make God goddamn merry go round around again by doing the bicycle. Yeah. Last time he was at least a glorified henchman. Now. He's just got like odd jobs. Clean up an aisle three it is really disappointing. And the worst part is I don't care. I don't care about any of this. None of the performances are drawing me in. None of the story line is intriguing me. I thought the last one was convoluted, but I missing the nebulous nature of that story when faced with utter ignorance clear to me the only way to save. This would have been not to pick up any of the story strands at all you just have pyramid head and some new people that get caught up in the town's lower for some reason, and you can have new characters that don't have anything to do with a less, and Sharon and all of that stupidity. The fact that they've draggers spec into that has only meant that we have had to reexamine how stupid it was to begin with and in trying to reveal something new they have only exposed their own incompetence and writing and recreating.

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