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And also by next Eva by prim com, the official telephone system off the Buffalo Bills in the Buffalo sabers. You weren't here last week when we made the decision to start hanging Granados answers on banners in the rafters really thoughtful. Interesting. Honest answers. Well last week when he said was that last week the dolly an answer about Yes, I You tweeted about it. I remember seeing it. It was such a good answer about Rasmus. Darlene. How we You know the idea of going to him, especially specifically to fix what's going on with him because Basically, he's more important. I mean, didn't say that, but and I said, Put it on a banner you know, like the kind matters more, and today he gave another answer. Put on a banner. I don't know if they'll hire Granato. I don't know if again like what long term how he would do as a coach, But he has right answers and a right answer about young players making mistakes for his versus veterans making mistakes when he says, You know, I want to talk about a young player. This veterans make the same mistakes the whole game. Put it on a banner. This organization for six years has been playing veterans over young guys because they think young guy mistakes are worse right? So they set the young guys and they let the veterans play through the mistake's. We got another one. We got another banner. Put it on a banner. Well, there's room for more banners by that. I mean, I'm Listen, I'm not trying to get gaga over coaches interviews, Rex Ryan wins interviews and press conferences. This isn't about Rod Rod stuff. That's just common sense since the he subscribes to common sense that the sabers As an organization for a little bit of time here have not subscribe to some common sense. Yeah. Who good one and, you know, guys letting guys clearly defining roles or letting guys play to their strengths. Maybe not having it's almost like you might have in your head on idea of what you think A role is for a certain player, but it might not match up with what their strengths are. And maybe you should error on the side of Let me let the player go out and show his strength and we'll make it work into an overall system scheme formula. Whatever. He also, Yeah, the other day after the Flyers game, you know when they Skinner scores to go on that game they win. He talked about the way to get him back was to help him shed the baggage. Right? Yeah, right. Maybe, you know, throw your player a bone. If things aren't going well as opposed to just like that, actually more time on the fourth line, you know, the fourth line shifts will continue until morale improves. Oh, man he's got. He's got some good answers and and the results right now. So far, the results match. You know the results they're doing well, tonight will be a big test. I mean, Boston has been Boston's not having a great year. No, but this in the sabers also have how many times they played Boston twice. Five. They've played him. They haven't five more times, I think or six or five more times, so they only played it a couple times. Yeah. I'll get this thing this answer transcribed and put it up because man Each week. Now I'm looking forward to what's he going to say? That is just exactly what you want your coach to say? Yeah. Let's get you a code word and see what get you $1000 Do our national win Cash contest, Shall we? The code where this hour is audio A U D i o text audio to 7 to 881 You have until the top of the hour to text code word in. Please remember the message and data rates may apply and never Text and drive so audio a U D i o again the number to text it to a 7 to 881 do that You're in the running for $1000..

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