Virginia Beach, President Trump, Blake Burmans discussed on WIBC Programming


In Virginia Beach. Virginia initial reports indicated eleven people were killed. But moments ago police chief James Cervera says that number has risen we have an additional victim report. We now have twelve one victim succumbed to the injuries on the way to the hospital. We also have four additional victims being treated at area, hospitals and we have reports that others may have self transported. So as we get more information on that we will begin to release it in the gunman was killed after opening fire this afternoon at Virginia Beach municipal building the remains of a child. We're today near a freeway in Arkansas, where a community activists says a man told him he had dumped. The body of missing. Four year old Houston, girl. Houston police went to Arkansas today after the man arrested in connection with the disappearance of Davis reportedly made a jailhouse confession about where he disposed of her body. Investigators are awaiting confirmation of the body's identity, President Trump today, taking to Twitter to defend his plan to impose tariffs on all goods imported from Mexico in an effort to force the country to help stop illegal immigrants from crossing the US southern border. Fox's Blake Burmans at the White House. On the one hand. He says there is a surge at the southern border that needs to be stopped on the other. He's also talking about the flow of illegal drugs today at the southern border saying. That flow needs to be cur tailed plan is getting criticism from both sides of the political aisle. Mexico's president says his country has been working to stem illegal immigration, and he sending his foreign minister to Washington to meet with the president Saudi Arabia's King Solomon has slammed, Iran at a gathering of Muslim heads of states in mecca, accusing it of being terrorist operation base that targeted the kingdom in recent weeks. Ron denies it was involved in oil taker sabotage or a Saudi pipeline.

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