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That. As if it's some sort of spiritual a badge of honor or something that makes us more special than anybody else we the fact that christ would have anything to do with us is what makes it amazing. The fact that the holy god of the universe would regenerate us take us from being his enemies and adopt us into his family is amazing amazing and that the thought of that there's this should be no need to think that i'll have to be more spiritual than the next person the reality is that those of us who know christ christ we can rest in the fact that the almighty god of the universe came down to earth and he became a man that he could die across and be a payment of sin that we can have eternal life that blows my mind point and so <hes> someone's asking am i in israel. Am are you in israeli. I am levi and so i'm not an israeli ellie. I've been to israel and i should mention. Actually that's a good lead in vocab. The person just lead into a good thing that forgot to mention but striving for eternity is going to israel in march of twenty twenty or twenty twenty one and we have only fifty five spots that are going to be open. We do have a survey. If you go out <hes> either. It'll be out on our facebook earthrights on my facebook page. It'll be on our <hes> on our web page at striving the fraternity dot o._r._g. It'll be up there shortly. If it's not there now but there'll be a link to where you can find out information about it and also to a survey it's important to fill out that survey because at surveys filling up that tells the the organizer how much interest there is in diff- with different people but there's been enough of interest that he thinks we're going to fill out the fifty five spots that is the max and so he is going to go to the people that fill out that survey i and and those are the people that are good contacts and it fills up from there. It's not we won't be opening it past that so it would be really important go out and fill out that survey and and then once he sends an email out to folks to get <hes> to sign up quickly because it sounds like that's gonna fill up but we're going to be having the speakers from striving fraternity myself frank malls anthony's <unk> and we'll also be joined by justin peters will be doing thirteen days in israel think we're working. The next week will have the the tintri all worked out twelve thirteen days and we're going to be seeing a lot of sites. Basically we're going to be going and doing a lot of things that most people we'll see and then some things that not everyone gets to see <hes>. I am trying to work on something special as an after in one of the other countries if we end up going darren if i could pull this off then we're going to do something really special and if we pulled off i'll let you know but <hes> if you guys want to come to israel it. It is a really neat trip. <hes> it's going to be a lot of fun and you could go striving for training dot o._r._g..

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