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And honor and remember dot org now it's time for college by the colonel this past may my west point class celebrated our fifty fifth reunion among other things I ordered some west point baseball caps with our class year on their good hats I was annoyed by the fact they were made in China you're reminded me that a couple of decades ago when our army foolishly made the berets the official head gear they found out that all berets were made in yes China well it gets worse representative Mike Gallagher Republican Wisconsin and other China hawks or sounded the alarm about the commercial products such as cameras printers and laptops from China being purchased by the Pentagon most of the distressed about Chinese bill technology the Pentagon and elsewhere in government has focused on Chinese components of major software hardware systems that access sensitive information and could be a conduit for Beijing to spy on our government secrets but there's also a major hacking danger posed by cheaper standalone items such as lex mark printers no novo laptops and GoPro cameras at the military is routinely bein with the equivalent of office expense accounts and little or no oversight Gallagher work for example army and Air Force officials used the equivalent of government credit card to buy over eight thousand lex mark printers during the two thousand eighteen fiscal year and despite the fact the company has quote connections to Chinese military nuclear and cyber espionage programs and quote according to a recent watchdog report Gallagher cited.

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