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I'm Steve Cave and indicted and under arrest. Former Trump aide Steve Bannon, The rumpled and outspoken strategist is charged with fleecing donors in an online fundraising effort to build a southern border wall. This reaches right into the inner circle in the Oval Office. Political scientist Larry Sabotage. This is a stunning development because Steve Bannon wasn't just any old aid to Donald Trump. He was his chief strategist during the election campaign of 2016 and then joined Trump in the White House. For the first time in a few weeks, there was an increase in the number of people filing for unemployment benefits, according to the government. Bankrate economist Mark Hamrick says the number is back above a million at more than one point. 1,000,001 really has to be disappointed to see this rebound and new claims for unemployment benefits, and this includes gains for several key hot spot states, including New York, New Jersey, Texas and Florida. California Senator Kamala Harris accepted the Democratic Party's nomination to be vice president and in her convention speech took aim at the incumbent Presidents. Corona Virus Response, Donald Trump's failure of leadership Has cost lives and livelihood, Airbnb says the party is over for renters looking toe live it up in the midst of a deadly pandemic. CBS's CAMI McCormick, the rental giant, has just announced a global ban on all parties and events and no more than 16. People can stay in one listing. The company had already begun imposing stricter limits and even removing its events friendly search filter. However, it says varying state mandates, which sometimes swung back and forth, led many people to take their bar and club behavior. Toe homes. Airbnb says it could take legal action against those who break these rules. Luck ran out for Karen Stickler and others who had to flee the wildfires in Northern California. I thought now we're gonna be right back. I realize.

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