Johnny Gargano, Ciampa, Andrei discussed on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast


Johny wrestling johnny gargano has gone out there and stolen takeover i mean how many times now at least three three off the top of my head johnny gargano matches stole the show once in a tag ladder match where he in ciampa ended their tag team once in his match with andrei once in his match with champa so and has metric ciampa so stole the show that they're going to do a rematch at the next takeover who really doesn't happen all that often so you know there are guys that are doing this thing some people think that velveteen dreams are gonna go to the main roster i just saw somebody in the facebook chat velveteen dreams gonna go on to the main roster and be like the ascension be like tyler breeze be like bailey b b like all these characters that were beloved in annexed t and just people going over the top four and then just didn't pan out on the main roster there are people who think that i personally do not i think the developing dream will definitely be successful on the main roster but when you've got your dry as your gargano your chump is your alastair blacks you're all these guys ec three is name that's been thrown around a name that's been thrown around by john cena johnson has said he wants a match with these three that's very very different than johnson is saying ec three's the dude very very different.

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