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In the off season. You know either gaining fifteen pounds of muscle lose fifty pounds of fat or <hes> shooting shooting like ten thousand day. What's which boxer you checking well so so right off the season right. It was like crazy for me so right. After the season I took like forty forty-five days off and I actually gained over twenty pounds. I every offseason saw mommy mom my mother's used to it so again over over twenty pounds and and now all back to my play. I was closer to seventy five number unlike between two fifty to fifty five. Is that your right deal way always to fifty to fifty five and the Celtics have any particular <hes> requests or go along that line or is that they're fine with. That's where they want. Celtics maybe two three days. That's it okay because I've been so busy shoveling everywhere I I taught him. Sometimes they might have mediocre. Come over Celtics practice little bit worker workout little with the guys but I'm like a leader yeah. It's my first or second season. I got my going to nine seasons. I'll be there you oh you know the the the as I do yeah so was there anything in particular you want to accomplish this summer in terms of the off season training or your game well. Another league is changing engine a lot obviously and then now people are especially the big message. You don't really see back to basketball players anymore now everybody UCLA almost eight about such shooting threes <music> and put the ball on the floor that I'm that that's what my my main man focused. This summer should a lot of threes trying to put the ball on the floor and then if I if I feel like if fewer team meeting of course give you confidence and then I remember media there with Cambe dineen sitting next right so he said you know that the three point shot is now for decoration how Mike Okay say no more. I got you so that was the green light from the moment. They introduced you yes. I'm my I'm <music>. I'm confidence like I'm GonNa taking threes. You might as well say it now because a media day you're going to have to come up with that number of how many threes you shop per day or whatever because that's what we do in training everybody trots out so how many how many threes per day at least one third to two hundred. It's not enough to two hundred tries Mace Ace. George Mason makes me sad that you're shooting at the percentage. Well I mean I'm I'm good at provoke Roy Moore but I don't really I'm not against anybody but I'm just even if you play pick up some time you got so much confident because I mean you not is nice now real by when the game time hits and that's what matters but I I think if your team is in your give you confidence..

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