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Miracles for books Dever we have three near death experiences beginning in nineteen ninety seven all the way to two thousand twelve that impacted you now in between are you practicing mediumship and things like that in between I am because in two thousand five I got certified by veritas a doctor's first doctors really by challenging the search medium so I was doing readings and then and I had a little experience with healing because my one son's friend became very sick so I I was dabbling in that but it wasn't like I was doing that was doing more the readings at that time I hope when I was on the other side I Peter is being carried out and in my first accident remember I felt the presence behind me knowing witnessing that I'm being held in like I must be really sick if this this and I'm visually seeing it I see my body being placed on the speed of light and now my soul is going to have a conversation and when I had a conversation it's not like I'm talking with you right now it's just your mind and so the conversation was you have a choice you can go back remember the state one twenty one twelve all members are reversible and so is this and it was it was like it was on the contract that I was looking at like we all have a lifeline contract and I didn't read through all the fine line always look at the fine print Debra how my gosh I should have because I tell you it has not been easy sense but I am grateful for what happened you know that they the things that have happened to get me to where I am now but while you're right read the fine print and I did and I there is a few things that one was said boys and I thought that this meant might me and my mediumship work one eight but what happened was is I kind of thought saying I don't really wanna go back and why would I want to go back this I'm feeling peaceful I feel love I I am not any pain anymore and he you know he I was guaranteed I would be healthy now that I didn't mean right away but I would be healthy so I know okay I get to go back tonight my family and I will be healthy and I will have this new mission but I didn't really know what that all entails that would be shown to me so when I went back to ask if I could stay for a little while longer because they really didn't want to but when I did come back I can remember it was like taking a big breasts as if you are an held under water for a long time ago yeah gasping yeah it was like that and it was like coming into the body feeling that and going I am not sure who am I a the same person what just happened and I wanted to write everything down as quickly as they could because they didn't want to forget it and so what happened was my mediumship started heightened and I was witnessing these things because in two thousand fifteen it was easier for you to talk to spirit well yeah but it was like I was seeing things in movie form so the TV network wanted to come to my house and they wanted to bring they wanted to be a cold cold reading right they wanted to bring the person so I wouldn't know anything and have cameras that and so they had people there and one of the woman's name was Maria and she wanted to connect with their deceased aunt and the other person was the deceased ancestor and so I was sitting on the couch going to connect with her aunt and all this and then division goes across my face and like why and like oh my gosh short ideas was told that the phone was murdered she would tell her that her aunt was murdered okay so did she have a suspicion no one Jeez I had to delicately say you know when I give you this message your aunt wants to make sure that you know she's fine right now but he also wants to have her voice heard but this wasn't right so I'll give descriptions I gave the name I gave the why I gave the house everything you need of the person who killed her yes whoa why they killed how they killed got to be carefully results that the they don't come back and get you around that it was done and Caruso and what happened was he went back to Peru exhumed at the body the body it was still intact three months later they were able to re rule what I said happened to her then they were able to trace the documents because I had said that they wanted her property they were able to trace a date yet file signatures and then they found the man and it was the name that I gave wow yes in the end that keeps you working with the F. B. I. A. in it all the time now doesn't it doesn't it doesn't it does not why not I I didn't now because I did work with the FBI and with another case when it whenever a kid comes to me and that it has to go to the FBI I I had known somebody in the FBI and they come to the house and take the whole unit take the story it's not that they can do anything unless if there's enough evidence so what happened when there was one in Australia that was a close case so the FBI for the American embassy actually contacted the Australian embassy and they re open the case interesting so in two thousand fifteen when I I was contacted by the psychic news magazine and the date what is the word get out so they find out about you and then they're all over it yeah it was like from beyond the grave the murder victim describes our killer before the crime is discovered that was the front of the page at this magazine that went national and international alternate Barnes and noble but it was it really shows you how has the voice would you say that you are more of a medium or a healer Orson Welles at fifteen and now is with this ticket with this last transition this hearing ability that I have is I am an all over it I mean the things that have taken place the healings that have taken place and I use my mediumship and that helps heal the planet would you well that's what I try and now it's like we if we could all just say a prayer right now you know it all together as one we're doing that Friday night you can join in I will you're doing it on your show yup I will try to find the first hour I would have been doing a prayer session to get us back to normalcy and also to try to downgrade this coronavirus exactly yet and that we put that intention out there yup we're gonna be doing that just listen and do it we where we I felt like all my gosh why my feeling on this this weight come off like a blanket on top of me and I'm like that the energy that's out there this heaviness we need to change our thoughts and lift that it's horrible yeah so what would you say is a is a miracle to you America comes in so many different forms so my intention for my hearings is that everybody receives Americal they deserve I want a full miracle that's what I'm asking for it doesn't always come that way I I did a session for a woman I don't know if you've ever heard of student engagement she does messages of hope yeah yeah I have and she she had brought her dear friend to me by the name of Brenda and so Brenda I never saw it in person I never want to see them in person I don't know want to know what's wrong with them so they're going to be it's remote they're going to be at their space well I'm having my session what happened during the session is she he was told he was very very sick and only had three months to live and well my didn't deny what can happen maybe she can get the full healing I mean that's what I'm I'm asking for but what transpired was when I was doing the session I thought I'd take on where I can feel what's going on in their body and I started to feel like had to throw a bottle and I could see spiritual surgeons working on her and at that time Brenda in her home with her friend witnessing this she was throwing up bile Jeez so when they listen to the recording there like oh my gosh which she was saying was taking part but what happened was that we sell a meeting is she was told she suffered with not feeling worthy all her life and so that was told her and she was able to set that in the last two weeks of her life she felt like she was healed and she got to be her normal self and so I write about that and proof of miracles because it was it was a healing and such a different way she was able to transcend with out any baggage and this isn't even even had a show on on her show about it because it was just so profound N. H. it showed me that it can happen and so many different ways I believe Americal happens when I do a session for reading I know I did a session for someone that was their son committed suicide now losing a child is one thing but living and decide for the whole another thing so it's a heavy heavy grief but the child came through and said mom there's a little boy with me and he's coming and she didn't tell me which tell me later that his brother's wife was pregnant and was going to be delivering a boy in Ames any week and so that gave her hope knowing I would have known that and for him to say that and then he described the boy and he described the personality of the boy that was coming and a year later she says it's it's to the T. exactly what he described do miracles come on their own or do we need to ask for them like in prayer I would say that we need to ask because some of that we want that miracle but and maybe agree with me some people don't feel they deserve it.

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