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With Jane Matenaer from Wisconsin's morning news we. Have more, it's called, Melissa Snapchat Dismore FIA, what is that so if you go on Snapchat, there's another app called. Face, tune and these. Are basically these editing programs you can use on photos of yourself you can remove every blemish you. Can make your nose, thinner you, can change the shape of. Your chin you can do, a lot of pretty, extreme alterations, in order to, make, yourself look how you think. You look your best sure now some plastic. Surgery have come forward. With this against. Snapchat this morpheus they say in in the past people. Would come to get plastic surgery and say I want. Jennifer Aniston's no that makes sense I want my cheekbones to look like so and so that's who we were getting our inspirations from but now, the Snapchat this Moravia Because these are all computer programs who are doing these alterations. Is that even possible gene well to some extent. But no these these doctors are concerned that people now are. Really blurring the. Line of reality and. Fantasy for. What's actually going? To be what they can actually, do and think about how unhealthy. This really is for any any girl. Boy anybody that's doing these face tune. Or whatever it is yeah. It's again there's already something called. Body just fiesta which is where the Snapchat. This Warfield comes from and that is someone who looks in the mirror and sees all of these flaws that are visible. To. No one but this individual and now that's what's happening with. This Snapchat, this morph, yet what I find, a really disturbing is a spokesperson for face time, said face are face. Tune, rather face toon. Said is actually breaking the illusion of perfect body ideals everyone from supermodels to your aunt is using. It everyone knows everyone, is using It arguing, arguing otherwise, is naive so we level the playing field for everyone Jane we must be out of the ordinary because I don't I'm not using it I'm not you're not using no I actually have this anti filter thing going on with, myself when I do post a picture on Facebook I. Want, it to, be a true picture of myself because, people are going to see you out in the, ballot and they're going to realize that well that photo isn't really what you look like I've seen photos of people, that alter their. Photos you see them in public and you're, like why. Did you do that because you're beautiful anyway well and for people again, if, you're if you're dating and if. Your data, online as you said once you make those alterations. On your on your picture once you meet them. In person they might go That doesn't look like does it look like you and I agree with you I think, it's, dishonest I do too and I think in. The long term I just don't see this being. Good for anyone it's giving people a complex, that they're not good enough? Or whatever their looks. Aren't, good enough and, that's, just not true and I want to say they're on, the flip side, there's another movement going on called no makeup movement if, you've seen that it's where people, are going up I know Alicia Keys I don't know if she's part of the movement but she doesn't. Wear makeup and her skin. Looks great and a lot of people don't even realize. She's not wearing makeup so I say let's do. That Jane let's do well maybe minimum make my makeup At least. No filters right at least no filter and good heavens what's gonna be, next you're. Gonna ask for like bunny. Ears puppy ears because he can. Do that on Snapchat Snapchat yeah yeah so, let's not do that and again nothing against. Wanting to be your best look your best but I. Think we are setting ourselves up for. Enormous failures and disappointments nobody's, perfect none, of us. Are perfect that's what makes us also wonderful that, was Jane Matenaer from Wisconsin's morning news but that's a. Good topic to bring up a lot of people use filters to. Smooth their skin, you guys use them. To guys. Use, I was just looking at Mostly, women. I. Don't. Know why anyone would ever. Do this, you use a filter it makes you, look like someone. That you're not like a supermodel if you're ever going to meet that, person in. Real life how could you. Use the filter and then meet. Them and you don't look like Jane said, on those dating apps people see those photos. And they think that's what they're getting when they meet. You you meet them and you're like. Wait a second double take Kind of like the sister of the person that I met where she or, or on those sites they do photos from ten years. Ago well that's not you oh my gosh dad but on, the on these space tune things those are just a little little. Weird for me yeah that is a little odd the pennant race continues as a brewers welcome the. Padres de Miller park for a three game. Set, Mr. baseball Bob euchre's on the call our coverage starts at six thirty five. Tonight on, WTMJ news. About your money on this Tuesday afternoon Brad Allen with the WTMJ Drake and associates market update US stocks rose today as, investors focused. On positive corporate earnings brushing aside anxiety over the. Trade war between the, US and China the Dow Jones industrial average gained one hundred twenty. Six points as Caterpillar climb more than two percent the s., and p. five hundred rose point two eight percent and? The NASDAQ composite advanced point three one percent is alphabet rose, one point four percent the volatility index considered to be the best gauge of fear. In the market fell to its, lowest level since. January sixteenth Discovery Inc shares. Dropped, five percent today. After the company, reported. Second quarter earnings that missed expectations, but revenue? That beat boosted by doubling in the US networks. Marietta, international Inc shares dropped three. Point seven percent today as the hotel, chain second quarter revenue fell short snap reported its second quarter earnings today. After the bell despite beating. Estimates on revenue and earnings per share snap lost daily activity users this past quarter has it faces, increased competition from rivals in new data regulations for Drake. And associates I'm Brad Allen financial advisor for NewsRadio WTMJ today's,.

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