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As the big guy in business deal set up with Hunter Biden with Ukraine, Hunter Biden with communist red China, Hunter Biden with Russia. So in one case, the FBI did not have a predicate against Donald Trump, launched the investigation, resulting in two years of the Mueller probe, which took $35 million amounted to nothing. Nothing came of it because it didn't exist. So when they didn't have a predicate, they launched the investigation. With Hunter Biden and Joe Biden and Jim Biden, the president's brother, they have a predicate. They have the laptop. They have confirmations of IP addresses. They know the emails went back and forth. They have the records, flagged by department of treasury officials that the bidens are getting these checks from overseas. They look extremely suspicious. So in one case, they put their thumb on the scale. To find dirt on Donald Trump, on the other side of the coin, they have been sitting on this laptop now for three years. Why is that? Well, why is it it's part of what I describe in my book, the fall of the FBI that it's the cultural rot that's there. In this instance, you talk about now and it's three years or so after the Trump thing or more in the Hunter Biden thing we have an asac assistant agent charge in the Washington field office, mislead misdirect subordinates who are looking at this and then mislead or besmirch actually senators who wanted to look into this, calling up help from the broader intelligence community to say it's probably or it has the earmarks of Russian disinformation when in fact tangible laptop with tangible information on it, including photographs, and the fellow who did this, the a second Washington field, he's not come to light. He's been allowed to walk out the door and the answer from FBI headquarters at the same as it was in these earlier. Right. Yeah. And is that, well, the miscreant the male factor is no longer with us. Yeah. But things that has to be different is not look at these individual male factors, is look at the culture. And if you want to reform the FBI, you have to change the culture and get it back to a square to tell the truth, law enforcement agency. Lastly, Thomas, I'd say this many, many years ago, you may recall that America got together in the Senate that the church committee that looked at all the abuses of the CIA. And it was manifest. When I watched FBI director Christopher wray on Wednesday, talk about FBI, what it did relative to Hunter Biden and then you have the Christopher wray getting a private FBI jet to go on a vacation instead of sticking around for about an extra 60 to 90 minutes and delay his vacation with his family because the Republicans wanted to ask him questions. He said he couldn't. He had to get going. It turned out it was a family vacation on FBI expense and his arrogance, his area died attitude. And the idea is, you know what, I'm the FBI director and you're not. Because he's got the support of President Biden because Christopher raised a one that basically elected Joe Biden. If they would have investigated criminally, the contents of the laptop from hell and Hunter Biden's giving money to the big guy Joe Biden. Joe Biden was unelectable. He couldn't be elected. So we have a president that may be compromised, and I know we have a president who feels as if he owes Christopher Rey something. So this president is never going to fire Christopher wray. Well, I tell you what, we got to get going, but the book is wonderful read the fall of the FBI. Hella once great agency became a threat to democracy. Thomas J baker is the author of 33 years in the FBI's special agent, knows where the bodies are buried. You know, Tom, maybe one day we'll go back to F from zimbalist junior, get back to Jimmy Stewart, get back to men and women all over 35,000 employees in the FBI, 99.9% are men and women like you. But the .1% has given all the others a very bad name and Christopher wray must go, but I doubt he'll go because he's got dirt on Joe Biden. And Thomas J baker once again, thank you for coming on the Bill Cunningham show. Great success with the book, which is coming out December the 6th. Thank you, Bill. And thank you for this opportunity to point a few of these things out to your audience. Well, I wish you were still in the FBI. Unfortunately, I 33 years was enough. We need more men and women like you and more whistleblowers of the FBI are coming forward and saying, we've become too political. We support one party and ignore the other and that's got to stop equal justice under the law. Should be a lot more than just a slogan. Thomas J baker, once again, thank you very much. Bill Cunningham, the grand American live with you every Sunday Night. WGN radio's investigative correspondent at a delonte gets you answers on WGN

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