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Hightower. Our man also how specific is oh man. I'm also allergic to bees at this bar. Just casually letting you the audience know that specific. I think it's like a checklist thing yeah okay and franco's wearing a piece to not yet. You know it's gonna come. Oh yeah i mean it's probably already a good one. Guy's got money and so she's like a where. Are you going when you leave this place and he's well home and she's like oh home when you go will you take me with with you and he's like oh cool like we're going to have some relations. Possibly you know it's a scam. Someone's going to hit with a tire iron. Once you leave like do that moment he doesn't care them and he's not thinking scam. He's ready to get it on and the last shot of this movie in the theatrical. Oh cut his leelee sobieski going to close up laughing again doing a terrible job sure at hiding the fact that she's about to wrong this person and the she's smiling and then you hear like baked crank the levels on be noises and i was like does she have some in her bag. I thinks she's also made of bees and she's at the hippest candy be restaurant in san francisco and then just in case you forgot nicholas cage was in this movie at some point he just starts screaming on the soundtrack but all you're looking at his leelee sobieski in your hearing during bees and nicholas cage screaming stupidest thought once when i watch i know it said six months later but is this like is that is james franco nicholas cage young wrong keys willow. It's no it's not it's not dumb ideas and lay off the pipe jason ritter. Would it'd be arunachal heart. Yeah i mean he's actually jason. Ritter has more screen time than somehow somehow and that's the end of that movie. It was yes. It's it's unfortunately dedicated to johnny ramone. You know what i mean. He was really happy about that. I wanna be sedated folks. It was right there. Wow wow just can't oh eric. I wanna be your boyfriend and you were always my boyfriend's tricked. You never going to burn you. At the end of the movie. Sorry we should fit in wicker man missed opportunity at the end of the credits by the way where oh you're a a._s._p._c._a. Thing has come up. How about a nice fun. Little nobis were harm. They can't do that because they definitely were. Yeah exactly definitely definitely were. Hey if i'm signing on to this movie were killing real. Be real betis before i ask the guys on this stage. Let me throw it to you is i how many people would recommend this movie to not okay. Sh sh sh wait your parts coming. Who would not recommend this movie too. I think tonight the recommends have it and i agree. I it's it's it is it it drags in the middle..

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