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And they were not shut out all asked you're in the postseason and the thing with the hurricanes is that you knew they were going to push back at home. They are a team that's played berry well on home ice. And I didn't think they were gonna go away. They lose game to overtime. They fought back from three nothing down three two in game one, and they get home that little bit of an advantage was was a big help. But you know, the big thing is special call fighting Ovechkin which probably isn't the smartest thing to do. And he got it. Right. And a chin gets knocked out. But look how the team was inspired. I think they were outshot thirty to eight the rest of the way after the fight because nineteen year olds going after one of the best players in the NHL. Even though he got knocked on his fanny the fact is that he did it. He defended his teammates. I guess Ovechkin got into it with slave and a little bit early on the game that kinda got everybody going in the right direction as far as the physicality was concerned. But the fact that even though he didn't push back by getting knocked out the fact that he went and danced with the best in the league and animals to tougher -fession golf to do. Ovechkin felt bad about it after the game. That knocked them out. Everybody did what they had to do before nineteen year old to do that going against an icon. I think really spurred the hurricanes on the rest of the way and really the third period was flat out disturbing. When you consider the fact that for the majority of the third period, the capitals didn't even get a shot on goal, which is ridiculous and the secondary and tertiary scoring shoes. No, Otto notaire vein who is it. It's fogel. It's hamilton. That's when you know, you're gonna be winning some playoff games McGinn had a great goal to in this game. So you get four five goals on the night. But you don't get a stall goal. You. Don't get a special cough, coal, obviously. Because it got punched in the face. So it wasn't like you were carried by your superstars. But the secondary scoring tertiary scoring. That's what's gonna really help the wash the the hurricanes beat the Washington Capitals. So that was pretty big so nice win for Carolina. And also they they went up to the blue line. You kind of maybe they're gonna charge towards the the the wall to the glass and do that celebration. We were kind of thinking how would they handle their first playoff win? In ten years. And they do the things that they did the history onyx that we saw in the regular season. They didn't do that. Because I don't think there's a place for it in the postseason just because you gotta play the same team. Again, you're down to one in the series. So wasn't like really accomplished anything. Maybe they'll do it after they win the series if they shake hands with the capitals, and they move on to the second round the capital's go back to the dressing room, if they want to celebrate in that way, it just awkward to do it within the confines of the series. So I was curious to see what the hurricanes with do. I actually stayed with the game to say and the hurricane celebrated just as any normal team would went to the blue line raised their sticks to the fans, and I was probably the right thing to do. I think Washington is fine. But it was a huge statement by Carolina for sure we'll see what happens in game for back in Raleigh predators. Three to him. Over the Dallas Stars the big moment in this game was pack arena and a huge save on Jamie band late. When looked like that was going to be the stars game winning goal was tied at two stars fight back to tie it after the predators. Scored the first two goals of the game. And it looked like they were in solid control in this game three. And again, we talk about getting scoring from somebody other than your top line. Gremaldi gets his second of the postseason was huge fours. Berg lights, the lamp he of course of frontline players. So you kind of get it both ways there, but a huge goal by zuccarello late in in period. Number two..

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