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A hundred percent of the proceeds are going to this kind of lost child of the mid twentieth century. The i guess. The the outgrew. The outgrowth of margaret wise brown's bohemian scene. Who do you think is going to inherit the rights when he. He doesn't oh he's got. You're saying he's got multiple kids he does he's been he's been Prosecuted for kidnapping them carrying them out of the room under his arm. like football. so this is going to potentially going to finally right. The wrong of all of his His bad parenting. You think all of these well so wrong more than money. If a kid has been raised on all you need to throw a large check at them on a regular basis based on the most good natured children's book of all time. Maybe they'll maybe they'll be curious and they'll look at the book and they will be soothed by its gem tones and reassuring repetitive imagery. Yeah the book written by their apparent grandmother who knows and that concludes good night. Moon entry five. Three nine dot p. r. zero three to four certificate number four four one four one in the omnibus future links in the unlikely event. Social media is still exists in your era and even more unlikely event that i or one of you inherit the remaining copyright to the enormous proceeds of goodnight moon. How my My mom didn't befriends some struggling writer. Bequeath your the rights to a book that later became vessel. Your mama's happily married. It was my mom that would be more likely in my my poor. Divorced mother was working eighty hours a week. That's right where's my. She needed a benefactor as well. We didn't live on the lower east side. Heard up braeside or wherever they lived upstate main there could have been some seattle or alaska millionaire who are artists. Who guy wrote the wheedle on the needle. And we'd along the needle guy. Jim wheedle anyway. You can find on.

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