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It. Never never talked her, like only talked her is. I don't know if he had told you, but I guess, Chris one out there, right before Christmas, and on a huge fight with his own stem, in something that character will, I like colder, and I asked her what's going on with Christopher and she told me what happened. And that was only time I talked to so just to clarify. So you didn't call Jade that morning that only. No, no, no, no. Only person I talked out morning was Mary, Mary, call the up because he came back to my house, the issues and only reason she called me up was because he tracked pardons to that hotel. And that was a I never talked to her. Keep in mind that Chris spots mother, Jade already sent me her phone Bill to prove that she spoke with Chris Boras and they did. Indeed talk for eleven minutes on the afternoon in question, Saturday, February twenty fourth at twelve twenty pm. So what Christmas is telling me is clearly not true, there couple of things I want to ask you about an one was day it was wrapped in a tarp end entwine that match twine that was on your property, maybe twined, Newsday like tie the fails hair. I have, you know, most of that by sources you know, but they came through. I, I don't know anything about when I told him, you know, could have been I said, you know, 'cause we send it back. They reuse them. Whatever if you looked at it. I had no clue. But how how have gotten the twine from your property? That day was wrapped. Came over my house. Chris Moore is has just basically admitted that boss got the twine that day was wrapped in from his property. Now, listen to the answer to this question was was he ever out of your sight? What is your property that day? You know, I. Arguing the. Then they come back on morning. How long was he there for that? Publisher four hours, bitter. Until we got in the side, took off and came back morning. And he was only not morning. Maybe. Not even ten minutes to go. She stolen. If Chris was in your side, the whole time, how would have gotten the twine from your property that day was kinda tied up in that tarp. Told the sector I have no clue. You know, one thing is, you know I can here you know, in the weirdest thing was. The, the they own a home on my property. The detectors you at this whole school that dug up they thought we'll should take my God do this. No, most of the when I knew wasn't you know, but they gotta to do their job, and it was actually. To the whole. You may remember that what I I spoke with Chris as he said that this whole was dug by dogs, another time. He said it was a Coyote. However, the same source who showed me, the photo of day, said that investigators believed, someone had tried to dig a grave for day at crisp as property, but they stopped when they hit rock and couldn't easily go any deeper. They said they had dug this hole, those kind of like a body size. Hits hit rock. That was that was actually the whole. Was talking about, you know, and that's when the detectives semi 'cause I tried over there. Ticketed up sticking pitchers came back. There was nothing there, of course. But I mean, I'm just picking. Fairly certain that it was like a hole. Dug for a body was big hole. Hit rock deep. Probably maybe. Two feet by one of the. It was the first hole. Begin the year two or three or in the same. You know, so. One on there. There was nothing of course. But I'm just saying, I'm just like, you know, I'm thinking my son do that. It was just crazy thing that I'm search peace through is she must have been there that night in the truck, whether alive or dead must've been in his truck. I told, you know, the ice on nothing also income in left comeback morning, Joe shoes. I was. World. It'd be five hour been like I call my buddies. I don't know. I'm glad I didn't say that. I'm just gonna because if I did. However, that's where like I get stuck like it just doesn't make sense because there's a one hundred percent had to be there know alive or dead. That be feeling stuff reform. It's eight minutes at a gas station. How do you have time to do something like that? And then when you get the twine and the tar like how do you get all that wrapped up? And then he hit the road and then go to that spot in the. Exactly the only thing I can think are maybe, you know, I don't know. We talked about this war. Argue with me as what he took off his plans news from the weekend being to dinner. You know, everything was planned scores riding. So it was kind of weird for me, and then thinking, okay argument, you know, something like, okay, but I want. You know, like cocaine thirty three years old, not gonna tell you beg you to stay you know, he got up. So with me and I was one he did what he did. I don't know. That's sending I wanted you feel. But here's the thing that doesn't make sense. So let's say that somehow he did this in the car. I don't I don't know how let's just say that happened in the car. But then how do you not have blood on when he came in your house? Exactly kim. Now. I really into work.

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