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Yeah let me let me stay like this plane's who knows but there's if even if you are if even if he does at this point i say we got undying sir i just i don't wanna i'm not again you know you got it but just got to do this right now trying to think this comes from the last bit of information from the toronto star all of this came out essentially a month ago was also this other constant of this whole other thing that they yada yada over called project houston wasn't a member twenty twelve toronto police assemble the task for called project houston a search for three missing men from the gay village it was created because toronto police at one time believes scud dhiraj numberof mom who had are being one of the victims of bruce macarthur may have met with foul play three years after he disappeared this stem from tip about an online cannibalism ring playing a role in his death kind of go into that cannibal cop case that we had there in new york city where the guy was on those forums and it does get like pretty it gets pretty roasting yeah definitely like they're pretty they talk it's barbecue it's barbecue talk but then there's a person is do the where you're talking about gaddam wife so now the investigation is going to all of the different places where he used to do landscaping okay and they're going to have to go it's something like thirty different properties rethink go and dig up all these places and they're having problems with the people that were lines of his basing being like don't come look on my my land i don't want you to come and do this shit and they're like well we have to go dig up all these places just looking for bodies they were just trying to have an ice lawns.

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