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If it what do you think now is probably the nice elderly couple that lives next door that was climbing up and down on the on the light post. That's probably exactly what it was all right last one here. No new covert outbreaks at larimer. larimer county schools. This is an interesting story here that ties into a lot of weird stuff going on and larmer county right now for the first time since person school resumed in full in the fall. There have been no new cove. Nineteen outbreaks in the putter or thompson. School districts new data from the state department of public health environment shows labour. Kenny's four new outbreaks involve private businesses and they long-term care center. I'll break equals two. People outbreak does not really equal to people for that reason. Outbreak is dumb in this instance. the car reports hospitals and lamoure county remain above capacity with a hundred and ten percent. Icu utilization rate was because there's no nurses because he fired him because they wouldn't get the vaccine or is that legitimate. Every room is filled up. Is that legitimately every room. That is filled up. That's what that's what the people need to know. And that's what they should have to report because if every rooms filled up. I think that that's a completely different story than well. It's one hundred ten percent because we let go five percent of our staff. That's a difference there. It's such a fine line because these these healthcare workers who we put you know as idols last year and rightfully so working their butts off and now this year because of the corporations that are running the corporations that are running these hospitals. They kinda look like the bad guys. So this is going on in larimer county and then did you hear. You didn't hear us talking with mayor. Paul meyer last thursday. Tom gonzales the limerick county health director. He's kinda good. I i don't want to call it a vendetta. But he's of going after some people here. He's kind of going after some people here tom. Gonzalez's He sent emails out. All the mayors in the area in lerma county the fall underneath our county's district and pretty much ripped him anew one ripped timon because he said he was tired of him. Being the the bad guy of him being the fascist is what some people have called him and it all stems from. There was a truck and trailer so much trailer. The pulled up in front of lerma county health department and Fascist on it it a sad it right in front of the county health department and this kind of this triggered a man. He sends emails out to everybody. Then a story has to come out in the colorado on although larimer county department of health and environment structure tomkins made the decision at signed the document. There's a group of appointed officials to whom kansallis answers in who showed support for the decision. That's a pretty good deflection there. Tom that's pretty good. It's not me it's there's these other people colorado and write it show. How show how this works. It wasn't me guys. It's cool and they put the vaccine verification program remember. We talked about this. Where if you proved yet a vaccine and every employee in the business proved that they had the vaccine. Then you could not wear mask.

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