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I think what angers five another merman i think kids to a six five five nother merman talk to mike sorry about it i know you're here i didn't choose to say anything angers me that it's a dulce like grown people wasting our time with this horse shit kickball league dodge balls five year olds yeah so you know on it's like stop it grossly last week we had banks crow the fuck up clippings anymore you're not twelve stop it and quit we're ones these idiot women get the fuck over yourselves where don't close take you forty five minutes to piss stopping functional we had a fart simpson tony yes do that prank call yeah standing mazing prank call a where he used that try it out guy and played it for people know he had a guy he put an ad in he went elaborate had the guy had an ad out for renting his home so then it goes like i'm interested in renting this place and then he entered the phone it was like oh talk to my dad or my uncle is his place and then use the soundboard to be the piss on me beat me guy like and they talked to him it was amazing it was amazing and it was i mean it was amazing and the guy was yeah wanna come in july and then the board would be like you wanna move in you can move in and he's like i want to come in food the free rent guys like free ren he's like fuck me piss on me wait what it was fantastic played it perfectly time perfect while he did another one where he called this texas rapper that he found on craigslist he's been calling him as different members of wilson's family and this time he got he got this kid to talk to a sound board of jaden smith son i mean the kid talks no was propping it is my name is jaden smith la la land oh ender in the base my life mostly off of la la land i've never seen that movie though that's a movie isn't a movie yeah lifelock will smith yeah iran last vestige before the award show i contacted them a toll so i don't have i content on my torso do you know what i'm saying i know what you're saying damn being obsessed with like this sunset we're the sunset i'm like obsessed with it are you somehow this it is nice though i agree it's just a random guy it's a random guy i guess has put that he's a rapper oh online and i know it's so how disconnected mice joy at the fucking keys knowing what to say for every 'cause you're not just playing pausing deciding what to play in the moment future yeah i believe you know but my vision is for people to listen to the inner vision what do you mean what do you make smith hendrix leading a toss on fire it's like wow like no one no one does this like that like that intervision yeah yeah veterans bad ass shit sonny should go for it every time free bertha i don't got to put you on a stretch stretch i still flexing flexing i'm just i call living started record label misfits just did it well high snob cover five minutes whoa re it too hot in the business won't make that up here you did didn't you pretty incredible man beast ben thank you you should do man just tell them tell them that speech down they'll be like holy shit much respect respect shit and that which is bidding is nice bro at this guy's having a fucking five minute is this what is this i don't know necklace talking to sound so crazy but i think this guy might be a little crazy the guy that he definitely think something's wrong with him then that let's take his in smoking out chill out then get blunt he's trying to l because the blunk comes at yale l is in wyatt's way goes of the well people heavy on twitter like jaydee violent let me talk my piece on jimmy fallon they hit me on the graham jenny you stalling you know my swag is on a thousand this you you guys guys did you send me a picture of this wait what it's some bearing the hair people rap isn't it like stops i can't think of what's more embarrassing somebody singing with an acoustic guitar at me.

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