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Guys i know it would be up on the best this so are choice there right i can say we're wall a couple of sacks a little more bodies up oh per and the video board of it you could you or you don't at the top love that i brought the ball is there golf where the at you know radio was both sissons done this out where to go but up this that in the end yeah and then or message me on the complete competing facebook page and we'll get to some information correct but treadwell thank you we're going to go to bill and bills on the line bill the ball and then they are you doing right on the computer oh when is to be in and they come out with an upper shriek that date an in depth actually going and an update that's one that they actually in most cases stand there and are you get a special pop up about it because it can take twenty to thirty minutes to do it so they didn't just automatically do it in most cases away to tell his when you're down in your left hand corner where you got the search window the todos for kirk tandem yeah if you type right and then and then that command comes line comes up the type when for one word that guy in ve our it will come up and if you have the had the anniversary build you'll see a version build that will say sixteen oh nine are sixteen oh three it doesn't put it in the control panel in system like it used to do if you got him s p or you know and updated version but that will tell you for sure if it's already installed you take when out to kind of the they start he'd look anywhere taylor ben is taller last yeah it was a tennis brains in we've had computers they have gotten notices we've had some that it never been notified we mania leave gone out in done windows update on a number of on but that's a sure fire way to know when you go to run in type in win for if you cuts version it's in that sixteen hundred range than it did installed they didn't like the days well and if that there could be several reasons a can fail but what i would do than is down there in that same search bar i would type in windows space date.

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