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Has Been like in the new catch tonny de. Yeah he's getting getting into it He's he's off the initial stage of being wary of them, and now he's just cautious of them. Just, not to. Was the first stage of big sniff and then wary what did he go straight to wary? no, he's it was it was already wary like as soon as we had to open and we both got up at the same time he was wearing. And yes. So it's just different levels of of anxiety for him with the couches but I did go into come up the other day and he was sleeping on them which was nice. and yeah is getting to get into Soliman traits helps temptations, help map and get through the day. So yeah, pretty. Cool? Suede. Good. Little Mini's little hidings jet. Yeah we well, we of justice things like normal places to hide. So we like mom. Dante is that just for you? What? Steph. What's been happening Jarvis's world? Well, it's it's very special. Today it is according to the database website. It's joblessness best today Oh. As much as them memoir claims wasn't a job. Beth. So I assume it's an estimated date, but today's Jarvis's eleventh birthday. Oh well. Yeah that's awesome. That's really really pretty good. We've had a fun day He had some Straits in the mid afternoon and made he didn't even complain for dinner until five. He just looked at me a little bit and then he had fresh chicken wing for dinner. How old is he? Sorry did you say? Is Eleven What's that in human news sixty nine? Yes So. He's getting. He's getting pretty old. He's he hasn't got. He's back to meet. He's only got he's tend to me but. You know maybe something that would cheer him up as if we all sang happy birthday to him but I wanna make you joy could cappella acappella. As it's ninety in the ancient times. So I have prepared a little backing tracks. So if everybody would just prepare to sing happy birthday to Davos. A You. To you. Happy. Birthday to you. To. The job. Your cat and. That's Very. Also on I've organized gray. This is here as usual and I have organized. To, broadcast a live eating of a dried fish trait. Yes. I've been the jaw. He's he's got. He's. Always something happening the lead is off, he hasn't tweet jet. A huge spike in downloads. Now, just he just saw the fish, he can say the fish. Now one of those traits these little dried fish fish was really like them. I'm just a supermodel someone's banging outside and he's more interested in that. Ladies and Gentlemen folks. Steroids is now fading as what was a Fisher To his CATT, but he has a Linney from Simpsons, the simpsons backdrop and we can't is that. Is that a real noise. Real really that cuts in mental. What is he chewing through your finger bones? God. That's not. Even mocked up. The most. got to separate markets Dave Do. Yeah, because Ireland it from last time supposed to Chinese my mic and then bashing in the head and making him grail probably wasn't the best idea. A Little League lapel. MIC. On. Here him. Urinating. Incredible and I really be. She had told me today it was jobless his birthday. Otherwise I would have prepared like a skit or a song or something. Probably. Would've added little ought to choose. For Job. Java's you? God bless you. ME. In. Java's it's your birthday. joggers Jarvis. It's your. It happy birthday. Jarvis that's awesome and you know what's he often directly up at PROZAC line latest? So it's going to be. The birthday visit. This is nine in the world. So I asked my mom. So I'm in another cat group of family grew and I asked my my dicey. He. He's star in it's constant videos of if you think you guys get him but bunch Geez it's honestly about twelve a day and. I said, what do you think puppy sees me as I know you've said Fruit Bring Dick but do you think it's a father brother a housemate whatever and my sister sent back something this study being done on how they meow to us and how they mea two other cats and so on and they realized I don't know if you know this. This is true. It's not set up. That the cat's meow is much dumber all like simpler for us. So essentially, they just see us as big dumb cats. So they as his big dumb dowse that's. I'll see if I can find the study but yeah, we're just stupid silly dumb dumbs with cats you don't understand them. Essentially just just very. Get. Knows about that and she and. I would say she, she tries to be the biggest cat in the village like, yeah, if. If I think of us as the biggest our big dumb cash will just like well, I'm GonNa be the biggest cat which means you do what I say otherwise you end up with a puppy situation. I constantly show up my testicles US I've still got mine. Tokyo. Game Einstein. Eastern. Patchy carry. Yau, I have one my wife has one. It's like Angelina Jolie, and then follow blood and Billy Bob. Thornton. Should agree attending that I find trekking upon. True Life Three Sixteen get into it. That's awesome. Hey, you guys do much much TV. Donald J you haven't because I think you might have been watching some channel nine programs recently you. All did finally make it to. It's finally made it to. Austin Cool Stave we noticed that you have a lot of I. Guess we have a lot of faults in your birthday zone and I'm surprised you didn't say the sixty nine minutes expose last night. I'm Jennifer. Byrne. Arm Richard Call on Giles. Willie. Secure. I'm Liz. Hayes I'm Ellen. I'm Tara Brown. On. I'm. I'm being, Bob. The funny one tonight on sixty nine minutes. You've heard about the man who doesn't like star. Wars. But what about the man? Who can't I fought? It's a simple enough action that involves copying your hand over your eye squeezing at a making a humorous Fahd sound that will soften the most hardened of hearts a universal sign of dignity and respect. The I fought has been used throughout history to break down language barriers and even stop wars, but it was the pursuit of. Thought that land this.

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