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Carol was out had. Just come out at the time. And it was on you know so he came and showed that and so then he was having a speed was giving a speech at. I think it was an lincoln center. One of the one of the Stu theaters there. Was going to be talking. And howard. beckerman was my teacher at the time. Animation howard beckerman new york. I know the name. Yeah i am. I teach so he actually asked during the class that day. He goes through the anyone free. You know you know to come to this talk he goes. We're looking for a ushers. You know so. I thought what the heck i absolutely sign up for it. So that night. They had the big event in. And here i was ushering people earn. I was so frustrated. Because why did i do this because i could've came and sat there so i'm actually. Yeah i'm outside and giving us rundowns on what to do. And here's richard williams inside speaking and everything i'm out here ushering. You know so then. I kinda did because howard beckmann and asked if this anyone couple was from the class volunteered. But yeah i've i've had a few guests on who have worked with richard and i don't feel comfortable calling them debt because i feel like it only as friends call him right should be say. Mr williamsom sure But yet so many so many. A legendary stories have been confirmed by them in terms of his Quick-tempered critiques and that type of thing. But again one of those people that if you can apprentice under which a few of my former guests have and did tony. White was one of them. I mean the the speed at which at which your skill develops is just. You can't compare anything else. Yes yeah and that must have been very similar to you and your artist comrades working with hank. Oh no it was yeah. It was unbelievable and then having art babbitt combined studio you know sitting there and hanks chair and yeah and of course they were all older than these guys have had their even preston blair was there he was. He was kind of Feeble issues walking. And i remembered renton once after i had met him with the supermarket and he was funny because he had like a cane chair thing where he would like sit can sit on it. You know if you stop. And he actually did. So i was i remember. I was in the produce section of the supermarket and president blair's there and he sits props himself up and we're talking you know and going this unbelievable i mean because they were so genuine just so yeah nice people. You know yeah. It was very well. They they were. They see us such a different time. Such because i can't i can't think of a similar mindset that exists in the industry today seems horrendously competitive and just not i. I don't know different time. And it's just a different time You know i've said it. Before on the podcast i feel like i am born out of time. I i so wish that my coming up in the industry had happened during. I'd be happy with late sixties but if you know ideally put me back in time to freddie moore era and you know i'm laughing right No so coming up in the future. What is dennis the menace. Hold for you in the years to come. Well i'm just doing the sundays and as long as that's.

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