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My God, it's a lion. And Zeke's in the ring. That would be great, yeah. Oh man. It's a guitar. There's a thing I saw online that I chuckled and I'm like, oh God, this might actually happen. It was like Owens and Ezekiel have an I quit match when instead of saying I quit, they have to say like the real name. Yeah. Okay, so what do you think's going to happen? If you had to guess, if you had to put money on one thing, what would it be? I would say the beard. I would say big beard. Yeah. The fake beef. You make them look like old Elias. They put the hair extensions, a fake beard. I mean, come on. Hollywood can make that look good. I think they'll have Elias on the TitanTron. It's something he recorded months ago. Years ago. And Elias will be talking to him or Ezekiel will be talking to him from the ring. And he's like, I'm looking to older brother. Or right before they shaved him down. They knew this was going to happen. Right. That's what I think they did. God damn, there's an E all right, now we're going to shave you down, right? And Vince is like, I got first dim. It's like a cut. Yeah, then we got it. Right there. Chest hair. Erica, for the podcast, it would be hilarious if you shaved your beard and you came as Enrique Eric's step brother from Mexico. Yeah, fucking hilarious. His twin step row. From Mexico. Enrique. Yellow all have an episode where we shave our beards. And that's not a mind trimmed down yet. We have hair elsewhere, so it's not a big deal for us. Eric's got hair elsewhere. When we were getting changed at doomsday, he's the Ciampa. Never forget. He's the chimp of our podcast, a jobber. Well, no pre raw NXT Champa. The Champa we love. The champion Champa. Yeah. Yeah. Are you getting a piggyback ride from Don king? What's going on down there? Where's that from? Someone said that somewhere. That's pretty obviously. Eric has so many quotes. He can't remember the idea. Definitely not a Simpsons reference. A little too dirty 'cause I would say lucius sweet lucha sweet, yeah. Next up we have MVP versus Cedric Alexander with omas side. Why? Is MVP still wrestling? Why is this? Why is all of this? This is part of there. We want to have another quick match, a three minute match. Here we go. MVP wins and then omos throws Cedric out of the ring. Wow, great. Where the fuck are root and Ziggler. They were there last week. Have you checked? Check the what? If Zeke has been a future endeavor yet, he's not. He lost. That's pretty bad. Well, they'll be back together in a week and they'll break up again. Of course. I mean, how many times has The Hurt Business gotten back together? I don't know. He's tried a bunch. I don't know if they've ever actually done it. Next up, we have Seth Rollins versus A.J. Styles, money in the bank qualifying match. Earlier in the show, Kevin Patrick had a sit down interview with Rollins and Seth said he had no remorse for what he did to Cody Rhodes saying Cody's a virus. He's been plaguing WWE since WrestleMania. So I took matters into my own hands and he holds up the sledgehammer and says I might have to do the same thing to AJ that I did to Cody. Yeah. So A.J. Styles, attack Seth. He lays them out. And AJ says that's for Cody. Why does he give a fuck about Cody? Correct. They have literally not interacted. Yeah. No. Never. Never, ever. Ever in wrestling? I don't think because by the time AJ got to WWE, Cody was bailing. He was gone. And some people online were like, well, they were both in the bullet club. And I was like, not at the same time. And that's not canon in WWE. The bullet club at WWE. I'm sorry. Who are you? Correct. That's just a baby face like it's just like this is for Rudy. It has nothing, you know, that's all that is. It's just like, hey, I'm a baby face. So I love that other baby face 'cause Cody's our future. Right. That's all that was. Also, AJ apparently doesn't care about Finn Balor joining Judgment Day. Right. He has not commented on it. Nope. You know, this is what AW did with Sammy Guevara with the Jericho shit, never comments on. You can't do that. You've been tagging forever. Yeah. I thought you guys were in a club. You were too sweet in each other. Yeah. Just the week ago with live in the middle. Yes. You were tag teaming Liv Morgan. I mean, what's better than that? You touched tips right in front of Liv. It literally makes beautiful. She was so excited. Zero cents. I know I wasn't here last week, but this whole judgment dating. Were you doing double turn? Started. It's so stupid. And I don't know if you have rumors this week about watching. Yes. 'cause I heard some too. Yeah. But I mean, how do you, he just, they beat, you beat Finn Balor. Why would you go with Finn Balor when you beat him? That's beat him. You're gonna go with the guy who lost? MVP did with omos. You lost. I'm gonna go with you. Yeah, no, it makes you do that. Why would you do that? And I DMed edge. Edge all of Famer. Yeah. I DMed edge and I still haven't heard back. I assume he must be really hurt, guys. He must be. He must be very upset. And he's probably still not did he go home? Did he send you a picture of his boarding pass? Yeah. No, he probably is upset. He's probably fucking pissed. Of course. So these two always have a really good match, and this one was as well, but it ended with a roll up. Seth one was, of course. Even this has to be a roll up. Next up, Kevin Patrick, interviews, Bianca Belair in the ring. Belair says Judgment Day is corrupted, Rhea Ripley, because they used to be best friends, and it's like, no, you weren't. No. No, you always fought each other in NXT. Don't be dumb. Lots. But Belair says she's gonna retain her raw women's championship at money in the bank. Then the Judgment Day appears on the big screen. And they were saying we were going to have answers from the Judgment Day this week. This was all the Judgment Day did this week. Yeah. They show up on the big screen. Damien priest says they're all equal. Now that they've got rid of edge, it's like, yeah, you're all jobbers. Congratulations. No mouthpiece. No more holes. None of you are great talkers. Oh, guess who's back? Smiling Finn Balor. Yeah. Welcome back, even as a fucking heel. As a heel. Ripley says fuck. I mean. Finn Balor, same old spoiling Finn Balor. Ripley says, I don't tell people I'm intimidating. I just am. Well, you just told us. You just told us. You just did the thing you say you don't do. And that's all from Judgment Day. Right. Thanks for coming. Oh, what's that? Now that they don't have edge, they have barely any TV time you say? This is the beginning of the end, and I actually can't wait for edge to bury all three of them, including Rhea Ripley. Yes. Give her a fucking kid's hair tone to the head. I hate all of them now. I hate Finn Balor. That's how much they've ruined this fucking stable. I hate Finn Balor. That's what you did for me. And not in a good way. I don't want to see them. Yeah. Correct. No one does. No. And you know they're not going to make him the demon either because that's too over. That's too much of a baby face. Right. So it's not like he's going to be the demon. No. There's no way Rhea is going to win the title. Why does Vince take stables? Why? He had the undisputed era. I mean, when Enzo and big Cass debuted, they had the biggest pop I've ever heard. They.

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